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Dad's Guide to WDW
Are you Going to Walt Disney World?
Dad can help!

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Are you going to Walt Disney World? Duh. Why else would you be here?


A bunch of Mickey balloons on Main Street USA at Walt Disney WorldIt's time to have some fun! - Photo by Disney Photo Snapper


A WDW vacation is a pretty major undertaking. For most of us, it's a trip of a lifetime. A chance to create lifelong memories and a truly magical experience.




The planning process can be a bit overwhelming. There is a TON of information about planning a trip to Walt Disney World. Some of it is good, some of it is... It can get pretty confusing.


Welcome to Dad's Guide to WDW. Dad believes that going to Walt Disney World, the "Most Magical Place on Earth", should be just that. It should be Magical. It should be Fun. It should be Simple.


That's what Walt Disney, or as we call him around here, Uncle Walt, intended when he designed Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Uncle Walt wanted his parks to be the Happiest Place on Earth.

Meet Dad

Dad and his Family on Main StreetDad and the family on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom- Photo by Disney PhotoPass Photographer


Hi, my name is Carl Trent, but around here I'm know as Dad. The picture above is me and my family at the Magic Kingdom in 2014. (I'm the old guy on the left) I love Walt Disney World. It's my favorite place anywhere.


My whole life I've had an obsession with Walt Disney and especially the Disney Theme Parks. When I was small, my Grandma would take me to Disneyland. I fell in love with it. It didn't even matter that my sister made me sick on the Teacups, I still loved Disneyland. That love continues to this day.


I won't bore you here (I'll do that later) with all the details of our trips to WDW, but I do want to share what happened the first tip I planned a trip to WDW for the family. It was a disaster.


Dad talks about the first time he planned a Disney World vacation


Needless to say, I'm familiar with how a Disney World vacation can get off track. Since those days long ago, I've learned that a WDW Vacation should be...

Simple, Fun, Magic

Photo by Disney Photo Snapper


This is going to be Fun. Trust me.


These days, going to Walt Disney World has become a pretty big undertaking. The average length of a WDW vacation is now more than 6 days. With 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, more than 25 hotels, over 100 restaurants, shopping areas, golf courses, bus schedules, rides, shows, tickets...


There is a whole lot that goes into a Disney World vacation.


That doesn't mean it has to be hard. Really. It can be fun with some help. Dad's mission is to help make going to Walt Disney World, Simple, Fun and Magic.


We can do this.


Dad talks more about Simple, Fun, Magic

Dad's Guide to Walt Disney World

Photo by Pics from the World of Disney


So how does Dad take the stress out of going to Walt Disney World? We do it by giving you lots of help. We walk you step-by-step through every part of your trip and give help you with everything you NEED to know for a fun filled vacation.


We cover everything from which hotel would work best to when to go for the best results. It's all here, and if you don't find what you're looking for just Ask Dad. He answers questions all the time.

So let's take a look inside Dad's Guide to WDW.

Inside Dad's Guide to WDW


Inside Dad's Guide to WDW there is all kinds of information, but it falls into a few very managable categories.


First, there is the Theme Parks. We start with the WDW Theme Parks because they are the stars of the show. They are the reason we go to Orlando.


Here are our main pages for the Parks -

After the Parks comes the information from around WDW you will need to know to plan a trip.


Information about -

Then there are the pages for the planning stages of the trip.


Check these out -

Oh, there's lots more. A trip to WDW should be fun. Dad likes to have fun, so we have some really fun, interactive pages -

There's always something going on at Dad's Guide. To check out the latest, go over and see our What's New page.

Dad's Social Media


Dad also has some of the funnest (yes, I know, it's not a real word) Social Media sites around.


Dad is all over Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, we are everywhere. Every day we are posting, talking, interacting all over the net. Come and check us out.

It'll be fun. Trust me!

The Newsletter


Every week, on Friday, Dad puts out a really great newsletter with updates on what's been happening around WDW and Dad's Guide for the week.


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Meet the Team

Dad's Team - Carl (Dad) Trent, Stephanie Shuster, Danny McBride, Kimberly Massimore


Way back when Dad's Guide first started it was a one man show. Just little old me and my computer. But there is just so much to cover and so little time, through the years we've developed a really great team to help Dad out.


Meet the Team

Dad's Bottom Line

I like to end every page with just a little bit of advice, a tip, or a funny story. I call it the Bottom Line. So here's the Bottom Line for our homepage.


We truly believe that going to Walt Disney World is Simple. It's Fun. It really is Magic.


Let's get started enjoying it together.