9 by Noon for the Wandering Welshs

9 by Noon for the Wandering Welshs

by Cathy Welsh
(Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada)

If you know our family, you will know that we tend to take our time and meander about, getting frequently distracted and losing focus. Of course this is not entirely bad as we tend to see many little details some may miss. We recently got back from our third trip to Disney World in five years. Our first two trips we went with other family members, many of whom shared our wandering ways. The trips were awesome but we didn't get everything done that we had wanted to.

This trip was "our" trip, just the four of us. On our second trip we had a very sad thing happen. My husbands mother passed away while we were down there. Unfortunately it seemed Disney now brought back memories of sadness and frustration for us, as it was very difficult to arrange flights on short notice to Canada, we ended up having to split up our flights. My husband and I were determined to make it up to the kids, to bring back the happiness we felt on our first trip.

We decided that we would plan more this time, fit in as many attractions as possible. We made lists in order of priority, then tweaked the lists so that they made sense in terms of location of attractions.

We went to the beautiful Magic Kingdom on April 14,2012. It was an overcast day so we were off to a good start, crowds were a bit lighter and we didn't get as overheated. We had booked Breakfast at Cinderella's Table, one of our favorite things to do. Before heading to breakfast we picked up a fast pass for Peter Pans Flight. We arrived for our breakfast at 9 and got in almost right away. After a very filling breakfast and a nice chat with the Princesses we got on our way. We went over to Dumbo for a look at the new set-up. We thought it was just beautiful and loved the suits the cast members were wearing. We got in line and rode Dumbo as a family. Then my younger daughter, who is 12, wanted to do Goofy's Barnstomer which was right next to Dumbo. I will admit that my older daughter and I are nervous when it comes to rides (especially me). My husband brought my daughter to Barnstormer while me and my other girl got back in line for Dumbo.

We then proceeded to the Mad Tea cups. I reluctantly got on with my family and we had a good laugh (mostly at my expense!) We then headed back to do Snow White's Scary Adventures as we had heard it was closing soon. There was hardly any line-up and we got that ride done fairly quickly. It was starting to rain just a little now, to our delight. Prince Charmings Regal Carrousel had a shorter line than usual. We went for it and had very little wait. We checked our time, it was almost 11 o clock already! We proceeded next to Mickey's PhilharMagic. We never tire of this show! Plus, it gives our feet a little break!

Now it was time for Peter Pans Flight! One of our favorites! We quickly walked over to get in the much shorter FASTPASS line. I love all the detail in this ride, it always makes us so happy. We then noticed that all our white clothing was glowing, even our shoelaces. We hadn't noticed this before and for some reason struck us as being quite funny. We laugh so much when we are in Disney World, it's like all our troubles melt away.

We then headed down to Liberty Square and did Haunted Mansion. We had done it before several times but we heard it had been upgraded, or some scenes were changed. There wasn't much of a line up this early in the day (many teens ride in the evening). Once finished we headed for Pirates of the Caribbean. Our youngest had not ridden this ride yet and she loved it.

We checked our watches. Noon already! We had a lot done but still had so much to do. Luckily we were still full from breakfast so we continued on, lined up and saw Rapunzel and headed to Tomorrowland. You may notice that all the rides we did were tame. The fact that my children and I are pretty much terrified of coasters helped us get more done as these big rides draw bigger crowds.We had been planning to do Splash Mountain but chickened out at the last minute. Maybe next trip!

Our planning really worked out well for us. We got everything done in each park that we had wanted and more besides. Using Extra Magic Hours really helped too. Lines were so short, we rode many favorites several times. With the better planning we found that we actually had MORE relaxation time. Once we had our must-dos done, we would slow down, go back to our wandering ways and see where our feet took us. This time we even had more time for relaxing in the beautiful pool back at All Star Movies Resort.We are already planning our next trip for 2014, when Fantasyland is completed!

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Jun 27, 2012
by: Mike Rose

Great itenerary.Enjoyed the read. I kinda blasted through mine and didn't do a ton of details.Love this Dad's group.
Take care

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