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Here's the last 10 pages from Dad's Guide to WDW. Have fun.

Booking my WDW Vacation too early?

Do you know, if you make your reservations and then Disney has a special offer can you call and get the special offer on your existing reservation? I'm

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2015 WDW Summer Discount

The 2015 WDW Summer discounts are out and available to be booked. Come get yours today.

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Walt Disney World - The Place Where Dreams Come True

Dreams really do come true on a Walt Disney World Vacation. Here at Dad's Guide to WDW we want to help you create the Perfect Vacation experience. Come on in and have some fun.

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Best tips for WDW Water Parks

What is your best tip for visiting one of the Florida water parks? These slides get busy quickly - Photo by Disney Image MakersDad's Waterpark Fun AnswerThe

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Should I go to WDW the First Week of November?

Hi Dad, Thanks for taking the time. We originally were going to go the week right before Thanksgiving, but family changed that plan. We are from Kansas,

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