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Here's the last 10 pages from Dad's Guide to WDW. Have fun.

16 Reasons to Visit WDW in 2016

Usually I don’t need a reason to visit Walt Disney World. The fact that I’m going to the most magical place on earth is usually reason enough. But in case

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Are the Animation Studios Still There?

My husband and have been visiting Disney since 1989. We took our three children to Disneyworld Christmas of 1989, and loved it. We are returning this

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Walt Disney World Height Requirements - Am I Tall Enough

Dad, am I tall enough to ride... How many times have you heard that? Check out the Walt Disney World height requirements for all the attractions.

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Will Magic Kingdom Have Fireworks in November?

Hi we are going to WDW November 12 to the 18. I noticed that they have no fireworks scheduled. Do they only do them on nights they have the Christmas

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A big Early Bird Sale!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Oops, slow down Dad, it's not Christmas time yet. No, it's not Christmas yet, but, I do need to share

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