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Here's the last 10 pages from Dad's Guide to WDW. Have fun.

Disney Visa Card and Free Dining

I have heard that the Disney Visa Card company sometimes offers Free Dining for card holders prior to release to the public. How do you find this information.

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Will the Summer Discounts affect the timing of the Fall Discounts

Since a new summer discount came out, do you think that will delay discounts for the fall? Also, do you think there will be any discounts offered for

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DAD’S NEWS OF THE WEEK: April 21, 2017

Frozen Summer Games return to Blizzard Beach! Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog. News Want to be a Disney VIP? If you have about $25,000 (or more)

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Distilled Water at Disney Resorts

Hi Dad. I was wondering if you knew if any of the Disney Resorts sold distilled water? We're heading down in 2017. We need about a gallon for a CPAP

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Walt Disney World Tickets from 1991

We have tickets from 1991 that never expire. My question is can we use these tickets to upgrade to new ones or will we know what we can use them for?

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