A couple of Disney World Ticket questions

A couple of Disney World Ticket questions

by Dan and Anonymous
(San Antonio, TX)

I got a couple of Disney World Ticket questions and I thought I'd answer them at the same time. Here's the first from Dan in San Antonio

What do you think about using Undercover Tourist for WDW tickets?

Are they legal and reliable?

... the trusted name in attraction tickets

Dad's oh yes they are Answer


I rant all the time about unscrupulous Disney World Ticket sellers. They just make me mad. It seems every year another story pops up about people getting scammed by criminals selling them tickets to Disney World. It's a crime. Literally!

Here's Dad's latest story about Disney World Ticket scams. It just tears you up to read some of this stuff. You can't be too careful.

BUT, and I want to be very, very clear here. That's not the case with Undercover Tourist. In fact, Undercover Tourist is a great ticket agency. I'm so comfortable with them that I have written several articles for their blog. I don't do that for just anyone. Here, check this article about the best time to visit Disney World out. Pretty good isn't it?

You will save money on tickets if you purchase from Undercover Tourist and you can trust them. They are authorized by Disney to resell Disney tickets (Universal tickets too). This one is not a scam.

The second question came from Anonymous. Check it out,


Its been a while since me and my family have visited the U.S and Disney, we have been on 3 previous occasions, the last time was 2004. We are now planning to go back next year as a final family holiday.

My question is about the tickets, we have old tickets that we used when we were last there, some date back to 1998, we know they still had days on them, and they were life tickets. But I am un-sure if they will accept them, is it better to buy new tickets or will the old ones still work?

Ticket prices from years ago

Classic Disney World Ticket Prices - Photo by Peter Dutton

Dad's bring them on Answer


One thing Disney is very good about is honoring old tickets. In fact, if you have the old ticket books with the A, B, C, D and E ride tickets Disney will actually give you face value for those when you trade them in for new tickets. (You could get a lot more by selling them on eBay, but the point is Disney still honors them.)

Dads's Disney World Tickets page

So yes, your old tickets will still be honored by Disney. Bring them and use them. Depending on when they were purchased, they might not be good at Animal Kingdom or Disney Hollywood Studios, but they will be good at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Take them to the ticket booth and they will exchange them for a one day ticket. (You'll have to do this every day that's left on the tickets.)

Dad's Bottom Line

Here's what we learned today. Undercover Tourist is a Disney certified ticket broker and can be trusted with your ticket needs. Also, Disney is great about honoring "classic" tickets. Bring them and use them.

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Aug 22, 2013
I Used Old Tickets! Was Painless!
by: Brian

Hi Dad,

I also have experience with using older WDW tickets at the theme parks. In December, I turned in an old Child Magic Kingdom Club Park Hopper 4 Day Ticket from 1994 that had one day on it for a One Day Adult Ticket! Oddly enough, I happened to exchange the ticket at the Animal Kingdom ticket window, so there is no park restrictions on the ticket! They are good for all 4 theme parks!

The only technical restriction on the ticket is that it cannot be used for upgrades, meaning that I can't use it towards a AP.

The process was easy, and I couldn't believe they gave me an Adult Ticket even though the previous ticket was for a child. I fully expected to have to pay the difference between the two!

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