Can I use old Disney World Tickets?

Can I use old Disney World Tickets?

I want to know if we can use some old Disney World Tickets? I have 3 Four Day Super Passes that I purchased on our last trip to Disney (approximately 9 years ago). We only used 3 of the 4 days on the 4 day pass, and I recall being told that we could use the final day on the pass during our next trip to Disney. Is this true, or did I dream this?

Dad's dreams come true Answer

Disney tickets never expire. That used to be a big selling point with the Super Passes. Buy them today and use them anytime in the future.

Can you use those old Disney World Tickets in this new fangled century? Yep, you sure can, with a couple of restrictions. Old Disney World tickets are only good in the parks that were available when the ticket was sold. So, for example, your Super Passes were probably sold before Animal Kingdom opened so they wouldn't be good at Animal Kingdom but they would be good at the Magic Kingdom.

You will have to trade your paper tickets for the new credit card like tickets, but that's a good thing because the new tickets are used at FastPass machines and the old paper tickets don't work there.

Dad's Bottom Line

You might have been dreaming but at Disney World - dreams do come true.

Dad's little rant

In 2005 Disney modernized their ticket process. Like the old ride Carousel of Progress, Disney Tickets were progressing. However, now tickets expire 14 days after you first use them. Those old tickets never expired. Yep, that's progress.

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Mar 08, 2015
1987 15th birthday free ticket
by: Anonymous

I found a winning prize free ticket in my moms papers from the 1987 15th birthday celebration. How do I know if it is still valid. My mom can't remember if it was used or not. And if it is valid how do I redeem said free ticket?

Dad Answers

The best way to check is next time you are at WDW take it to a ticket window and have them check it. If it is, don't use it for an upgrade, get a comparable number of days entry.

Feb 21, 2015
Exchange certificte
by: Anonymous

I purchased two florida resident exchange certificates to be exchanged for park hopper passes. We moved and never were able to use them. We have not returned and live in Florida, have the exchange certificates. Are they good and how to use them?

Dad's Answer

This is one you'll have to ask Disney. Their phone number is (407) 939-7523.

Feb 08, 2015
link to email check on tickets, and can not upgrade vintage
by: Mrs. Renita Henderson

Vintage tickets are still good if days left. They exchange them for the new tickets with the magnetic strip.

If you have tickets with windows that need to be stamped, then you have to count how many times stamped, as some stamped the ticket crooked, and or in another day window.

To check other tickets you email a copy of the front and the back of you tickets and a copy of a photo id to : . They will email you back in a few days.

Jan 19, 2015
How do I check how many days are left on the tickets
by: T Izzo

I need to know how to find out how many days I have left on the 5 day world hopper passes. They were bought in the 90's forgot I had them. They are the old paper tickets, No Serial Number, No Exp date as far as I can tell.
Looking for some help, would like to surprise my daughter with a trip and if I find out before I go at least I'd know. Don't want to go and get shut out at the door.


Dad's Answer

You're old paper tickets are still good. You should be able to look at the front of the ticket and see ho many days are left on the ticket. The dates they were used should be stamped on the front of the ticket and if there are days left there should be empty spaces.

You are correct, those do not have expiration dates. DO NOT trade those in for upgraded tickets. If you upgrade them they only give you credit for the cost. You an use the days left available on the tickets.

Dec 22, 2014
4 Day Park Hopper from 1995
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have a 4 Day Park Hopper paper ticket from 1995, which has one day left. I called Disney and they said they would honor it. Do they allow a fast pass to be created for it online or do I need to do that at Guest Services in the park?


Dad's Answer

You'll have to do it through Guest Services.

Dec 02, 2014
1993 use anytime passes
by: Anonymous

I found two partially used WDW use any time passes in my mothers files (she passed away in 1994 so I can't ask her about them). They say the admission has to be used by the same person but I don't know whose they were. My parents and my 4 siblings went to WDW in 1993 but there's no name on the tickets. Will I be able to use them? Would they be good anywhere other than Magic Kingdom?

Dad Answers

Those will probably be good in the Magic Kingdom or Epcot and maybe Hollywood Studios. It was around that time that Disney put a ban on old tickets being used a the new parks.

There is no way for Disney to know who the ticket was for, so they would be good. Don't exchange them for new tickets (they only give the purchase price). Take them to Guest Services and say you admission to the parks for the days left on the tickets.

Oct 12, 2014
by: Mike

Reading your comments on selling unused tickets back in the 1950 to collectors,as you thought they would be worth more.

I have tickets 2 adults and 2 children hooper tickets with one day left on them.

These were bought in 1997 the 25th anniversary
Are these worth more to a collector?


Dad Answers

That one I'm not so sure about. The actual value of the 50's tickets is about $5. Your tickets have a value today of around $100. I don't know if there is any collector value in 25th anniversary tickets.

May 26, 2014
Old tickets from the 50s
by: JesustheLionofJudah

Hi, will DisneyLAND honor my 3 tickets from the 50s which have no exp date and are full admission tickets? In other words, if I show up at the gate with my family and these tickets, will they let us into Disneyland for the day at no additional charge?

Dad's Answer

You might check and see if you can sell them. Some of those kind of tickets are very collectible and will bring a nice price.

I do think Disney might honor the tickets with one day entrance. They do honor all valid entry tickets from any date. If they are the A,B,C,D,E type tickets, Disney will give you the face value. Those are definitely worth more to sell as collectors items.

It doesn't hurt anything to give it a try.

Apr 18, 2014
used my 1995 tickets
by: Mary

Amazing !!
Disneyworld Guest services honoured my Park Hopper tickets from 1995.
You've got to love Disney when they treat you like that.
They are so organized too. They had a copy of all the old paper tickets filed away in photo albums. They gave me full credit for unused days on 5 tickets which probably saved me $500. A good reason to always buy tickets with no expiry date (and then know where you filed them)

Feb 16, 2014
2008 tickets
by: Anonymous

Will i have to upgrade them since they are old ill

Ask at the front desk of your hotel or at one of the ticket booths, but you should be able to use them as is. DO NOT try to apply them to an upgrade.

Feb 16, 2014
hopper tickets 2008
by: Anonymous

Hi I brought tickets in 2008 never used. They where hooper passes can I still use them.

Dad's Answer

If they were never used at all, they will still be good. If they were activated, they will probably be expired unless you purchased the never expire option.

Dec 02, 2013
Process for using old ticket
by: Ed

How do I use my old Park Hopper pass. Do I need to go to the ticket booth first to exchange for a new ticket (I have 1 day left) or Can I go straight through? the park hopper is Mag Stripe paper card. I did verify through Disney that there is one day left...

Dad's Answer

Take it to the ticket counter and ask them how to use it.

Jun 26, 2013
old tickets
by: Anonymous

Can adult tickets perchased more than 15years ago be used by an adult other than the original person it was perchased for? Are they transferable to new spose???

It depends if they were activated using the biometric scan (the finger thing). That's about the time Disney implemented the finger scan. Go to guest services, and tell them your story. The worst thing they can say is no.

Jun 02, 2013
1981 two day childrens pass
by: Anonymous

hi there, i have a two day childrens pass that i used for 1 day as a kid in 1981. Can i use this pass as an adult now or give it to my child to use.

Dad's Answer

It will have to be used as a children's pass.

May 02, 2013
Old ticket book from 1978
by: Anonymous

I have an absolutely complete WDW ticket book from 1978, admission, transportation and 10 "magic key coupons"(good for a through e attractions). Never used. Can I even trade for a current admission to WDW?

Dad's Answer

You'd probably make more selling it on eBay or Craigslist. Disney only gives the original value for old tickets on a new ticket. That book probably cost $5 or so. If it's in good condition a collector would probably give you more than that.

Aug 21, 2012
FL Res Ticket but not a FL res anymore
by: Anonymous

I have a one park FL res ticket from 15 yrs ago and no I am not a FL res. Any chance I can still use it?

Dad's Answer

If you were a Florida resident when you purchased the ticket is should work. I'd suggest you call Disney and ask. Here's the phone number - (407) 939-1289.

Aug 16, 2012
1978 Disney World tickets still useable
by: Anonymous

I have an incomplete book of tickets left from 1978 the last time I was at WDW can they be used?

Dad's Answer

Not really. They can be traded for a current ticket, but you will only get the original value (not very much). You might get more selling them on Ebay.

Jul 28, 2012
old ticket use
by: kris

2 part question:

Is there an up charge on the tickets - when you use them ( charging the difference between prices of then & now) and

Can you pay an up charge to have the more current parks added ?

Dad's 2 part answer

First, there is no extra charge for using them. If you were to upgrade them, you would have to pay the difference, but you can use old tickets anytime.

If you have really old tickets, you will have to upgrade them to include the newer parks.

Mar 18, 2012
by: Denise

Can we use old tickets for the water parks as well, or are water park tickets different from theme park tickets?

Dad's Answer

If you still have a usable ticket, Disney will honor them. The reason I say usable, some of the old water park tickets expired 14 days after 1st use.

Mar 10, 2012
ONE more questions
by: Anonymous

Hey it kind of helped but i was stil puzzled so lets say i have tickets from 2007 and its 2012 do you think we could still get into disney with these tickets?

Dad's Answer

Yes, you can. If you have a park hopper from 2007 that has 3 days on it, you can get into the parks for 3 days. Simple.

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