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Christmas in the Disney World Hotels
Very Special Christmas Decorations

Dad loves doing Christmas in the Disney World Hotels. One of the first things we do every time we visit at Christmas is to hop on the monorail and check out the decorations in the monorail hotels.

The chamber orchestra playing Christmas Music at the Grand Floridian ResortChristmas music from a orchestra at the Grand Floridian- Photo by Cliff Wang


All of the hotels at WDW get all dressed up for Christmas. There as some amazing displays. You've got to check this out...

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Some of the beautiful trees at the WDW hotels - Photos by WDW Shutterbug


Each hotel has a huge tree that is themed to match the resort. For example, the tree at the Pop Century Resort has a tree with 8 track tapes and Rubic's Cubes on it. In the Grand Floridian, where everything is very proper, the lights, garland and even the ornaments are that stuffy whitish yellow color, very proper.


Christmas trees at the hotels are everywhere, but each hotel has a main tree that is huge. They can be as high as 60 feet tall. Most hotels pick the tallest area in the hotel to put the big tree.


The Christmas Tree going up at the Wilderness Lodge - Video by WDW Shutterbug

Gingerbread Displays

The building of the Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian in 30 seconds


Every year, the Disney Deluxe Resorts put on a real special display using Gingerbread houses. I know what you're saying ... You're saying "Dad, gingerbread houses are so last century." Maybe, but you haven't seen these Gingerbread Houses.


The Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian ResortThe amazing Grand Floridian Gingerbread house - Photo by WDW Shutterbug


The Grand Floridian - The opulent 6 story lobby of the Grand Floridian is a beautiful backdrop for some classy Christmas decorations and entertainment. You'll see a 1,000 square foot gingerbread house. You'll hear Christmas Carols from a string quartet or a grand piano. White lights and ornaments dominate the huge tree. The Grand Floridian was made for Christmas decorations.


A Carousel Horse from the Beach Club Resort - Photo by Laurie Sapp


Disney's Beach Club Resort - The Beach Club Resort builds a Gingerbread Carousel every year. It even works. The horses are made of chocolate. Yummy.


The Christmas train display at the Yacht Club Resort


The Yacht Club Resort - at the Yacht Club, a train set runs through a Gingerbread Town. There are several houses and buildings made of gingerbread around the track.


The Gingerbread Display at the Contemporary ResortThe Contemporary Gingerbread display - Photo by Cliff Wang


The Contemporary Resort - The huge mural in the Grand Canyon Concourse is the backdrop for a 17 foot tall gingerbread Christmas Tree complete with presents and children happy to be opening the presents.



The Boardwalk Inn presents a full sized gazebo made of gingerbread and chocolate. Donald, Daisy and Stitch make appearances in the Gazebo.


Disney even shares the recipe for the Gingerbread Displays. How cool is that? Photo by Laurie Sapp



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The Decorations

the Boardwalk Resort lobby at Christmas with the Sweet TreatsThe lobby at the Boardwalk Resort - Photo by WDW Shutterbug


The decorations you see at Disney World Hotels during Christmas start with garland laced with themed ornaments and trinkets. Some of the resorts really put on a show (the Grand Floridian) while some don't have many extras. But at all the hotels, you'll see beautiful decorations all around.


There are resort specific decorations on the trees and hanging on the walls. For example, the Animal Kingdom Lodge has animal ornaments hanging on the tree, while the decorations at the Beach Club and Yacht Club have more of nautical theme.


Every hotel has its own flavor and style. It's amazing.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Christmas in the Disney World Hotels are pretty special. The Hotels are all beautifully decorated. Some just have to be seen to be believed.


Dad's a big fan of taking time to visit as many Disney Hotels as possible and checking out the great decorations.


You're welcome.