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Coronado Springs Resort Orlando


Like the Value Resorts, the Coronado Springs Resort Orlando only has one form of transportation to move you around during your perfect vacation. That's Disney Transportation's fabulous Luxury Motor Coaches. You've never had a bus ride like this. Fairies come down and sprinkle pixie dust on the buses and they fly to their destinations. (Yes, Dad's hit the aspirin bottle again.)

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The Coronado Springs Resort also has a fleet of specially designed golf carts to get you and your luggage to the rooms (which are a long, long walk from El Centro).

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No you don't get to ride in one of these

Vintage bus at Walt Disney World
Picture by Jeff_B

Disney's Luxury Motor Coach

Disney runs Luxury Motor Coaches (buses) to the four theme parks, the two water parks, and Downtown Disney from the hotel. Getting to other Disney World resorts can be difficult and the lines to wait for transportation can be daunting at rush times.

For example, there is no easy way to get to Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge. To get there you could take a bus to one of the theme parks where you would then change and grab a bus, after you stand in line again, to the Wilderness Lodge.

That's why Dad recommends a car at Disney World for your DIsney World vacation.


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Those Pesky Golf Carts

Over the last few years, guest complaints has led Disney to adding a fleet of specially designed Luxury Golf Carts to move guests around the resort. Why would you need golf carts to get to your room? From El Centro to the Ranchos section, it's almost 1/2 mile. That's a long walk when your pulling 400 pounds of suitcase (probably should pack lighter, but that's another subject.)

The Luxury Golf Carts will seat 6 plus a "ton" of luggage. (Bell services has a different set of "golf carts" especially designed for luggage transfer.)

Coronado Springs Resort Orlando - Golf Cart Fleet

Golf Carts at the Coronado Springs Resort Orlando

Disney's Magical Express

Disney will now take you from the airport to the Coronado Springs Resort Orlando and back. And it doesn't cost you anything. Yes, that's right it's absolutely free. Just make reservations for Disney's Magical Express and let Disney do the driving.

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Driving to the Coronado Springs Resort

Dad's a big fan of driving his own car (or one from Alamo or some other car rental place) while at Walt Disney World. Disney Transportation does a fabulous job of moving gazillions of people from place to place, but sometimes there are gazillions of people to move around which causes lots of waiting and even a little stress.

To get to the hotel, if you get off I-4 on -

  • W. Osecola Parkway - follow the road west to Buena Vista Drive and turn right on to Buena Vista and follow it to the resort on your left.
  • World Drive - Exit at Buena Vista Dr. and turn left (away from Disney's Hollywood Studios). The resort will be on you right.

Here's a map to help.

Map to the Coronado Springs

View Coronado Springs Resort in a larger map

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Dad's Bottom Line

While Dad always recommends a car at Disney World, the Luxury Motor Coach service is amazing (although they quit serving meals in coach a few years ago).

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