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Walt Disney World Crowds

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Dad hates Disney World Crowds. Yes, hates them. I have spent years learning all I can about how to avoid standing in line, getting bumped and jostled, and just about everything else I can think of to make a better Disney World vacation.


The Best of WDW - Volume 1


Now, for the first time ever, I'm going to share my years of intense study with you. (Aren't I something?) Below you will find Dad's monthly crowd calendar pages, park tips and even some secrets about the best time to go to Disney World. You don't want to miss this.

Magic Kingdom Crowds on December 30

Disney World Crowds at a parade on Main Street from 1972 Photo by WDW Shutterbug

About Disney World Crowds

Over 50 million people visit one of the Disney World parks every year. That's a bunch. The theme parks at Disney World are all in the top 5 most visited theme parks in the world (Disneyland sneaks in usually at number 4.) That means there are crowds at Disney World every day. Sometimes those crowds are bigger than others.

The biggest crowds of the year are during times when the public schools in America have holidays. That's summer (mid-June through mid-August) , Spring Break (mid-March through mid-April), some major holidays (Presidents Day in February and Thanksgiving) and especially the week between Christmas and New Years. That's the biggest week of the year. (See what Dad has to say about Christmas Day in the Magic Kingdom.)


So, let's just take a look ...

Christmas Crowds on Main Street

The Crowds at the Parade on Main Street USA Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Dad's Month-by-Month look

Here you go. You want to know what Disney World crowds are like when you're planning to go? Well let 'ole Dad give you a hand. We go through every month and gives prediction of just how busy it will be (in general) at Walt Disney World.


Check it out. These are predictions for Disney World attendance during the year. Dad bases his predictions on levels from previous years, and his famous intuition (I know, men don't have intuition, but Dad does).


Dad's Monthly Crowd Calendars

Click on the month to visit that page

Dad's January Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's February Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's March Disney World Crowd Calendar
Dad's April Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's May Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's June Disney World Crowd Calendar
Dad's July Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's August Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's September Disney World Crowd Calendar
Dad's October Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's November Disney World Crowd Calendar Dad's December Disney World Crowd Calendar

Dad's 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendars
Dad's 2016 Disney World Crowd Calendars

Now this is how I want to expereince WDW

No crowds at all in the United Kingdom pavilion Photo by Jeff_B.

Tips for avoiding them

Dad has gathered his top 10 tips for avoiding Walt Disney World Crowds all into one place. There are strategies and secrets that will save you hours of standing in line.

Dad's top 10 tips

Each park is unique and there are some special methods for avoiding lines that work at each park. Dad has tips for reducing time in line for each park.


You want to know what to do in each park? OK, check it out ...

You'll be amazed by what you find in these pages.


Trust me...

When is the best time to visit Disney World?

When it looks like this ...

The Magic Kingdom opening up looking down Main Street on a beautiful dayPhoto by Don Sullivan

The Best Time to Visit Disney World

When is the best time to visit? That's a great question. Dad has the answer. Now, the answer can be a bit complicated, so you might want to go over and check out...

The best time to visit page

And then Dad's got his list of the best weeks to visit Walt Disney World.

Best weeks to visit Disney World in 2015

Every good plan ends with Wishes

Crowds at WDW Photo by Mike Billick

The Plan

Yes, you will need a plan if you are going to avoid all the lines during your visit. Dad can help with that too. Now only does Dad have a great partnership with the top Disney World planning


Dad also is a World Class Planner himself and he's come up with step-by-step instructions on how to plan the best vacation ever. Might I even say it will be a Perfect Disney World Vacation.

Check it out.

Dad's Plan a Disney World Vacation page

Dad's Bottom Line

You can't always avoid lines and people at Disney World. They are a necessary fact of life. If you plan your vacation for the low times, if you use Dad's great tips and strategies, you can have a worry free, crowd less vacation.

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