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December Disney World crowds

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December Disney World crowds are just nuts. Crowds in December start out slow and comfortable, but as the big day approaches, more guests arrive and the parks fill up. Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year at most of the parks and that week is just nuts.


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But, as nutty as December is, it's truly the best time to visit Walt Disney World.

December at Walt Disney World

Check out the December Disney World Crowds

December Crowds

December starts out serenely. The first weekis pretty quiet. And then ...


The football teams and cheerleaders show up. Thousands of somtimes a bit noisy pre-teens descend on Disney World for the Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheerleading and Dance competition. The dates for 2014 are the 6th through the 13th. In the evenings the parks will be inundated with pre-teens and teens.


See the discussion about the Pop Warner Competition and the taping of the Christmas Parade


After the kids go home, crowds slow down some until schools start to get out. Then everyone in the whole wide world arrives at Walt Disney World. (Maybe not everyone, but gazillions do.) Starting about a week before Christmas, December Disney World crowds start to get noticeably larger every day.


The week of Christmas will be very, very, very busy. We're talking the busiest week of the year.



Christmas Week (if the weather is nice) will be crazy. It always is. In the past on Christmas Day the Magic Kingdom has stopped accepting any guests as early 10:00 in the morning.


The days from Christmas until New Years Eve, December Disney World crowds will be wall-to-wall.


December 31 will be almost as busy as Christmas Day. By 7pm it's possible that the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios will not accept any more guests. There have been reports of guests picking out their spot to watch the fireworks as early as 5:30 p.m.


Dad's Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom page

How to avoid Disney World crowds

Yes, Disney World crowds can be avoided. It just takes some work. Dad can help you plan your day to avoid, or minimize the effect of Disney World crowds.

Dad's Disney World Crowds page


Check out Dad's experience with December Disney World crowds.


December Disney World Crowd Calendar


Dad's Crowd Calendar Disclaimer


This calendar is based on historical facts, as I know them today. The Walt Disney World Resort is an ever-changing environment and you might find things significantly different from below.


(There, Mr. Dad's lawyer, are you happy?)


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Christmas at Disney World

Every day during the holiday season (which starts the first week of November) there are special shows, special firework shows, special meals, special parades ... Christmas time is just the "most wonderful time of the year" for a Disney World vacation.

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The Complete Crowd Picture

The calendar below is an overall view of what the December Disney World crowds will be like. This calendar is based on what Dad knows about Disney World crowds. Yes, that's a bunch. So where did Dad come up with all this stuff. For one thing Dad spent years reading the The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World and digesting all the information thy have about Walt Disney World.


The Unofficial Guide guys started their own website. It's called It's where you can go to see historic crowd levels at every park. You can get daily updates on ride closures and park hours. And, you can even download the "Lines" app for your phone that has up to the minute lengths of the lines at all the parks. Cool.


I use for my trips especially my December ones. I highly recommend it. Trust me.

Dad's page

The Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Is December the Best Time to visit WDW? Dad sure thinks so. In fact the number one week of the year to visit WDW in 2014 is in December. OK, it starts in November, but that's only for one day. It's really a December week.

Dad's Best Weeks to visit WDW in 2014


But in 2014 there might even be a better week.

Ask Dad

When it comes to December, Christmas and Disney World, Dad is a full blown, been there, done that, know-it-all, expert. Christmas at Disney World is the most wonderful time of the year and Dad's favorite time to visit Disney World. So, if you have any questions about December Disney World crowds or anything else in December, why not Ask Dad.


Here are some of the questions about December that Dad has answered in the past ...

Inquiring minds want to know. Dad does.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Disney World comes alive in December. It's the best time of the year to visit. Yes, December Disney World crowds will be up this year, yes, you will have to wait in line, but it's still the best time to visit Disney World.