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Disney Grand Floridian Resort Transportation

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Disney Grand Floridian Resort Transportation comes in lots of forms. You can catch a boat, a monorail, a bus, or just walk (sorta) to your destination. If you're going to the Magic Kingdom you have just about all the choices available.


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This magnificent hotel sits on Seven Seas Lagoon just next to the Magic Kingdom. This is Disney World's flagship resort. It's almost an attraction itself.

Disney Grand Floridian Resort Transportation

the launch in front of the Grand FloridianPicture by Jeff_B


Here are the ways you can get to and from the Disney Grand Floridian Resort.

Disney World Monorail

The resort is on the resort loop of the Magic Kingdom monorail. It's the last stop before the Magic Kingdom. If you are going to the Magic Kingdom this is the way to go. If you are going to Epcot, you can take the monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center then change to the Epcot monorail.

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Disney World Navy

Disney has one of the world's largest navies. Boats run on just about every body of water. There is a launch (small boat, see the picture above) that takes guests from the hotel to the Magic Kingdom. (At times this launch is shared with the Polynesian Village Resort and sometimes isn't real efficient.)


The launches are a nice way to get to the Magic Kingdom.

Disney's Luxury Motor Coach

Disney runs Luxury Motor Coaches (buses) from the Disney Grand Floridian Resort to Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The also go to the two water parks, and Disney Springs from the hotel. Getting to other Disney World resorts can be difficult because you have to go to one of the theme parks and then change buses.


Or, the best way to get to another resort is go to the Magic Kingdom bus station and grab a bus there.


No, you can't walk to the Magic Kingdom. It looks like you should be able to, but there is a canal that you can't get across. You can walk to the Polynesian Village Resort but not anywhere else.

Dad always recommends a car when you visit Walt Disney World. Not because he makes money on reservations, but because it will help you get from point A to point B with a minimum of frustration (except for the Magic Kingdom).

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Disney's Magical Express

Disney will now take you from the airport to the Resort and back. And it doesn't cost you anything. Yes, that's right it's absolutely free. Just make reservations for DIsney's Magical Express and let Disney do the driving.

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Driving to the Grand Floridian

Dad's a big fan of driving at Walt Disney World. Disney Transportation does a marvelous job of moving millions of people from place to place, but sometimes there are millions of people to move around which causes lots of waiting and stress.


To get to the hotel, if you get off I-4 on -

  • From any entrance follow the signs to the Magic Kingdom. When you get to the Magic Kingdom parking lot be on the right side. Tell the attendant you're going to the hotel then proceed to the road to the right to the stoplight and turn left. Follow the road around to the hotel.

Here's a map to help.

Map to the Grand Floridian

View Grand Floridian Resort in a larger map


Dad's Bottom Line

The Grand Floridian is very convenient for the Magic Kingdom. Not so much for the other resorts.