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Disney Park Hopper Tickets and More

Disney Park Hopper tickets. That's what Disney used to call tickets that allowed guest to go from one park to another. Now you can add a park hopping option to your Magic Your Way ticket for a mere $55.00 each.




Park hopping is a good and bad thing. It's fun sometimes to spend a day at Animal Kingdom then go eat dinner at Epcot. However, this does take some time and when the parks are busy, time is important.

Park hop to

The parks where Disney Hopper tickets can be used

Questions about Disney Park Hopper Tickets

Hey, Dad, if I still have one of those old "Disney Park Hopper Tickets" is it still good?

Yes, you can always exchange old Disney World tickets for new ones. Disney applies the cost of the original ticket minus any portion used to the new ticket.


Will the old tickets work at all the parks?

Maybe. It depends on when they were purchased. When Animal Kingdom opened, Disney no longer allowed old tickets to be used at Animal Kingdom.


What does the Disney Park Hopper option for the current Magic Your Way ticket allow me to do?

The Magic Your Way ticket allows you to enter one theme park per day (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom). You can't even use a full day's admission from your ticket to go to a second park. If you add the park hopper option you can enter all of the theme parks for the whole day.


Can I use my park hopper option to get into one of the water parks?

No. The park hopper option is only for the theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom). For entry to the water parks you'll need the water park option which is another $57.00.


How much does the Disney Park Hopper option cost?

Didn't I just say that? Each of the options is $57.00 regardless of the length of the ticket if purchased separately. This year, Disney added an option, if you purchase both options, the combined price is $87. That's a real deal.


See how Dad sometimes uses Disney Park Hopper Tickets

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Dad recommends Official Ticket Center in Orlando if you'd like to buy tickets. The Official Ticket Center has been around for years and is approved by Dad and Disney. (It just doesn't get any better than that.)

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Dad's Bottom Line

Should you add a park hopper option to your Magic Your Way Ticket? Maybe. If your PLAN has you changing parks during the day, yes you should get a park hopper option. If you are like Dad, and you develop THE PLAN which allows you to stay in one park each day then you don't need to add the option.


Remember the Disney Park Hopper option costs $60.00 per ticket.