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Disney World Annual Pass

Who needs a Disney World Annual Pass? Dad knows. Check it out. The best ticket Disney offers. Hey, you might just want to get you one of these things.



one day free in the parks


So much happens during the year at Walt Disney World that it might be fun to take multiple trips, or you might want to go and stay for a couple of weeks just to make sure you see everything. If so, you might want to consider getting an annual pass.

The Perfect Day at Walt Disney World all year long

The Disney World Monorail is a Perfect thing to ride with a Disney World annual passPhoto by Don Sullivan

Questions and Answers

When is it economically feasible to get an annual pass?

If you are going to spend more than 10 days or you take more than one trip in one 365 day period, you should look into an Annual Pass. A basic Annual Pass costs $634 per adult or child. The Premium Annual pass costs $754.

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Do Annual Pass holders get any thing special?

Why yes they do. Annual pass holders get free parking at all Disney World properties. (Not any savings if you stay at a Disney hotel, but if you stay off-site, it saves $14.00 per day.) They also get special deals on hotels at select times during the year.


There is even a special web page for Annual Pass holders. (Disney World Annual Pass page)


Do I have to wait until I'm at the parks to buy my pass?

You can buy your Disney Annual Pass any time and activate it when you get to the park. There are reports of activations of passes 5 years after purchase.


What do you mean activate?

Every Annual Pass must be activated before it can be used. This is done at a ticket window or Guest Services at the parks (Epcot is usually the quickest.) Your pass will be good for 365 days from the day it is activated.

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I go every year. Are there any special deals for me?

Why yes there is. You can "renew" your Disney World Annual Pass for a discounted price. You'll save around $45.00 for an adult and $35.00 for a child.

Where to get your Disney World Annual Pass

The obvious place to get your pass is from Disney but unlike the other tickets, you must buy Annual Passes directly from Disney. Disney does have several convenient locations where you can buy them.

  • Disney Vacation Club Member Service
  • Select Disney Store locations (not online)
  • Disney's EarPort in the Orlando Airport
  • Concierge desks in the Disney Hotels
  • Character Premier locations -
    • Belz Mall 1
    • Premium Outlet Mall in Lake Buena Vista

If you buy at any location outside a park you'll get a ticket that will be replaced with your actual pass when you activate it.

Monthly Payment Plan

Disney is testing a monthly payment plan for the Disney World Annual Pass but only for Florida residents. Florida residents can pay an initial payment of around $90.00 then pay the balance over 12 months. Balances must be paid through a credit card deduction.


To purchase, you must be over 18 and have proof of a Florida residence.




Dad's Bottom Line

Disney World Annual Passes don't make sense for most guests, but if you go to Walt Disney World on a regular basis or stay for a a long period of time, you might want to check them out.