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Disney World Discounts -
Vacations, Packages, Hotels, Flights, Tickets

Everyone wants Walt Disney World discounts. Discounts on Disney World vacations, discounts on Disney Park tickets, discounts on Disney hotels, discounts on flights to Orlando, we want it all. We all want to save money.


Most vacation destinations woo guests with an unending string of flashy ads and "low" prices or giveaways. Disney is a little different. They don't reduce prices but there are ways to save money on your next trip. Let's talk about them.

Where Dreams Come True

The entrance to Walt Disney WorldPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

Disney Vacation Discounts

Disney is notorious for keeping prices high. For example, if you go to the other major movie based tourist attraction in Orlando you can find huge discounts on tickets. All of the other non-Disney attractions in town have banded together to sell a ticket package that will get you in to all the other parks for a really attractive price. But not Disney. It's hard to find cheap prices on anything Disney related. The don't like it.


There are some ways to save money on Disney Vacations. Let's check them out.

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Where to get them

The easiest way to get Disney World discounts is to turn the search over to highly trained professionsl. Dad works with a big group of professionals that look for discounts every day.

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Do It Yourself

Brett's do it your self Disney World Discount Magic BandPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper

Vacation Packages

Sometimes when all the parts of a vacation are put together into a package, the total price can be lower than the price of the parts. Whew, that's a mouthful.


Disney's vacation package is called Magic Your Way which can include hotels, tickets, meals, flights and transportation. Just about anything you could need.


You can even create your own package.

Dad's Guide to Disney World Packages

The Art of Animation is one of the Walt Disney World Discount hotelsPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper

Disney Discount Hotels

Disney has discount hotels right on property. The Disney World Value Resorts are great hotels and are discounted almost all the time.


Check out the what dad considers the best hotel deal at Walt Disney World.

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Hotels near Disney World

Some of the cheapest options for accommodations are the hotels near Disney World. You don't have to go all the way across Orlando, you can just go right across the street(maybe a little farther than that).

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There are lots of ways to get Disney World Discounts on tickets. Some are even legal. (Yes, there are hundreds of illegal Disney World tickets sold to unsuspecting visitors every year. Be careful.)


Everyone that goes to Disney World has to have a ticket. It best if you can get one for a discount.


Here are the legal ways -

AAA Disney Discount

Yes, you can get small discounts on tickets and hotels from AAA. Discounts on tickets are available through your local AAA agency and not all areas of the country are eligible for Discounts. The hotel discount is available through Disney, AAA or your travel agent.

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Dad Approved Ticket Vendors

The best place (according to Dad) to get discounts on Disney World tickets is at the Official Ticket Center. There are several good ticket vendors, but for the best rates and deals check out ...


Even at the Airport

The Disney EarPort shop at the Orlando airportPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

Discounts on Flights to Orlando

The best place to get cheap flights to Orlando is wherever you can find them. These days cheap flights are hard to find, but Dad can help. Dad's got a little flight wizard tool that can help you search the whole Internet to find the best prices on cheap flights to Orlando.


Dad's even got a bunch of good tips about how to get the best flights for your family and some really good advice about Travel Insurance.

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Rental Cars

You might need a car for your vacation. Yes, you can use all the free Disney Transportation to get around, but if you are like Dad you'll want to do the driving yourself. Yes, Disney will now pick you up at the airport and haul you all around Disney World for free, but that's just the point. You never leave Disney World.


Orlando has a ton of really wonderful restaurants and entertainment venues. You might want to check some of them out.

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Disney World Discount Codes

Disney gives every discount they offer a code. If they offer a hotel discount, it has a code. If they offer free dining, it has a code.


The best kind of code is a pin code. Disney sends out pin codes a couple of times per year.


See everything you need to know about Disney codes at ...

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one day free in the parks

Dad's Bottom Line

Getting Discounts for a Disney World trip is like getting discounts for Cokes at the grocery store. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you just get a lot of hype.