Disney World Free Dining 2014

Disney World Free Dining 2014

by cindy white
(durant ok)

We are going back to Walt Disney World in January 2014 staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Any news on Free Dining?

Riverside Mill at Port Orleans Riverside

The Riverside Mill Food Court at Port Orleans Riverside - Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad's here we go again Answer


Hi neighbor, (Dad's from right up the road in Edmond) thanks for the great question. First I have to admit, I've been wrong about Free Dining a couple of times, but I'm pretty sure I can answer with 100% confidence about January 2014.

Free Dining is Dead, Dead, Dead for January 2014. In it's place is the new Stay, Play, Dine program. No, Stay, Play, Dine is not Free Dining but it is a pretty good savings. You can get yours from my partners at Dreams Come True Vacations. It's worth a look.

Dads's Dreams Come True Vacations page

Now as to the rest of 2014, that's a whole different story. I think it's highly unlikely, OK, I'll come right out and say it ... Free Dining is dead in 2014. Dead, Dead, DEAD!!!

But since I've been so wrong before and since the second issue of WDW Magazine is about Dining at Disney World, I decided to go to the best source for Disney Dining rumors, my buddy Joe Black. He's hit the last few Disney promotions on the head.

I asked Joe to give me his prediction for Free Dining in 2014 for the Dining issue of WDW Magazine. You can find his prediction in the magazine (shameless plug). Let's just say, he's not quite on the same page with Dad's talk of burying Free Dining for good.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Cindy, January is pretty well set since the promotions are out. Later in the year (after summer) there's a slight chance it might make a short return, but I'm not expecting it. (Yes, I've been wrong before.)

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Sep 03, 2014
i get free dining every year
by: Anonymous

...but its only for fall. I would LOVE to get one for January!

Apr 10, 2014
Free Dining
by: Donna

Hello there, we are doing the Disney Cruise this year in Sept/14 then going to Disney for 4 days we are hoping they offer the free dining for Sept. 18/14. Has anyone heard of anything coming out for this time frame.

Dad Answers

Donna, we have heard murmurs, but nothing official yet. We expect to hear an announcement within a couple of weeks. You can see more here Free Dining 2014 Rumors.

Mar 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm betting we will be seeing free dining for dates in Sept 2014! If it happensit will most likely be offered in may ,we are going in September...a girl can dream!

Feb 10, 2014
March 14th 2014 thru March 18th need discounts - free dining - any offers
by: Joyce from Kentucky USA

any help or comments much appreciated - Thanks in advance discounts or free anything for Disney World mid March 2014.

Dad answers

Joyce, there are discounts available right now. Go over to my partners at Dreams Come True Vacations and they'll find you the best deal.

Feb 05, 2014
free tickets
by: keanna

How do i get free tickets?

Dad's Answer

Free tickets aren't available any more. Sorry.

Jan 25, 2014
Got a free dining pin code 2014!
by: Luvthemouse!

My hubby got a pin code card in the mail for Free Dining with dates 1/3 - 3/5/14. It has to be off of a non discounted 4 night 5 day stay. He also got a pin to save up to 35% on dates 1/3 - 3/5, 3/14 - 3/22, 3/30 - 4/12, 4/21 - 5/31 and 8/17 - 9/27. These two deals have to be booked by 2/15/14.

The heading on this card said - IT'S A GREAT TIME FOR ANOTHER VISIT!
You already know it's an extra-magical time to come and see us here at Walt Disney World Resort. And since we'd love to have you back, you can choose from these special offers that we're providing to Guest like you! Both make visiting again easy. Just pick the offer that fits you best.

We visited 2 years ago. What is strange is that I am the one that is all over the Disney website reserving stays, ordering maps and DVD's. All I got sent to me was just the room off discount. We are planning on going back the end of August 2014. We are hoping for another pin card for free dining for the last week.

What I did different with my husband is log him on. ONCE! I reserved a stay the same dates I put on mine name at log in. I guess that is the trick. Don't go on the disney site that often! Just reserve a trip and that's it. What do you think?

Jan 21, 2014
Free dining
by: Timkerbell

We are planning on going to WDW last 2 weeks of August 2014...what are the chances of free dining then?

Dad Answers

None. Nope. Not going to happen. Free Dining is dead. Won't happen. I'm never wrong. (Except for the last 3 years in a row.)

I don't expect Free Dining in 2014. Disney didn't even offer Play, Stay and Dine for the spring offer. I think you'll see a significant roll back of discounts this year.


Jan 19, 2014
Free Dining
by: Jennifer

We just got a pin in an email for free dining through March 5, 2014. Not sure if it is going out to a few people first and then the general public. We are going in September and keeping our fingers crossed for free dining then too. :)

Jan 09, 2014
dining plan
by: Amouse

We booked our vacation in Sept 2013 for Jan 2014 and got the dining plan...Just had to wait for the deals to come up. We are also staying at Port Orleans Riverside.

Oct 25, 2013
Free Dining in Canada
by: Anonymous

we live in Canada and received a pin code for free dining until March 2014

Oct 25, 2013
Free Disney dining 2014
by: pauline sharratt

I live in the UK, I booked our stay at Caribbean Beach in June and we have got free Disney Dining with waiter service for next September. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside in May and we had the dining plan then. I saved approximately £2,700 for 5 of us. I hope they keep it on obviously but it's such a good deal.

Dad adds

Probably should have mentioned that the UK is getting special treatment. They are getting Free Dining for the first part of 2014.

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