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Disney World Package Deals

Should you consider Disney World package deals? Yes.


Will they save you money? Maybe.

All Disney World Package Deals Lead Here

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Why do we buy package deals?

We don't buy package deals because of price, but, because they are convenient. When you go to McDonalds do you just order hamburgers? No, you order the number 4 (double quarter pounder with cheese), even when you don't want (or need) the fries. Because it's a package it must be a good deal.


To find out of a package is a good deal, you have to compare the items you’ll actually use from the package against what they will cost separately. (See below for comparing prices.) 


Disney throws in a bunch of "free" items into the package. It’s pretty good marketing for Disney. But there is usually an if involved. Here's an example from Disney's current package-

If you will rent a boat for 60 minutes, Disney will throw in 30 minutes free. Or if you spend $100.00 at Planet Hollywood, the Disney gives you $15.00 off.

Both parties win. The extras are good for you if you use them.


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Disney World Packages – good or bad

Disney World packages include lots of stuff (junk) that most people don't use. They add coupons to Planet Hollywood, mini-golf, discounts on boat rentals… and other things no one ever used.


It used to be when you compared prices of a package to separately priced items the package was always more. Still, guests paid the Disney World package price and never even checked if it was a good deal.


Today that's not always the case. Disney routinely runs specials that reduce the cost of their packages well below the combined cost of the individual items. Even the regular price on a Magic Your Way package is almost the same, and maybe just a little less than a comparable Room only and tickets.


Here’s a list of the features in Disney’s current Magic Your Way package.

  • Stay 1 - 10 nights in a Disney Resort
  • Magic Your Way base ticket
  • $15 gift certificate to Planet Hollywood.
  • One round of miniature golf at either Disney's Winter Summerland or Fantasia mini-golf courses. (Read about Dad's mini-golf adventure.)
  • 30 minutes of arcade play at a Disney Resort arcade.
  • 30 minutes time in a Sea Raycer when purchasing 60 minutes.
  • Disney Photopass 5X7 photo when purchased online.
  • One Disney Travel Company luggage tag per person.

Most of this stuff nobody uses. But if you do, you will come out well on your Disney World package deal.




Dad can help

Dad and his friends at Destinations to Travel can help you figure out if it better to have a Disney World package or if it's better to just buy the individual pieces.

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Dad's Bottom Line

If Disney World package deals save you money, then buy them. If you can save money by buying the individual items separately, then do that.

It's your money.