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Your Disney World Story

Tell us your Disney World Story. Dad does a lot of talking around here, now it's your turn. Dad would love to hear all about your experiences good or bad. We all love reading stories of Disney World experiences.



Ever had great service at a restaurant? Did your hotel room smell bad? Did a cast member do something extraordinary? Did one of you beautiful children do or say something cute? Did you get stuck on Space Mountain with the lights on?


Tell us about it. If Dad can do it, any one can.


Ground Rules

I guess there have to be some rules for posting stories. If you want your story published you must

  • Make sure it's G-rated. Hey, this is a family site, so we have to keep anything family friendly. Any profanity will get the author banned for life.
  • All content must be original. Any content found to be copied from another site will be rejected and the author banned for life plus 10 years.
  • Dad is subject to change your wording to help Dad get more people reading your story.
  • It will help if words are spelled korectly. (See what I mean.)
  • All posts are subject to review and are not guaranteed to be published.
  • That's about it. You can post as often as you like, add pictures, make the story as long or as short as you want.

(These are rules, unlike the Pirate Code they are not just guidelines.)


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Dad's Bottom Line

Pictures and stories are a great way to share Disney World experiences. Thanks.


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