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Walt Disney World Packages


Everyone needs one of the Walt Disney World Packages. Are you ready to go to Walt Disney World? Let's get started.


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There are several ways to plan your Disney World Vacation. You can buy a package from Disney or you can even create your own. The best way is to turn it all over to a skilled professional and let them do all the work for you. Now that's a Perfect idea. Trust me.

Break the door down

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From Disney

There are 2 types of packages Disney offers for guests at Walt Disney World. The biggest and most used is the Magic Your Way package. The other is a Room Only Package.

Magic Your Way Package

The Magic Your Way logo

The main Walt Disney World Packages are called the Magic Your Way Package. This package can includes everything you need from the time you arrive at your airport until you get back and everything in between.


Magic Your Way Package Components are -

  • Magic Your Way Tickets - this is the standard ticket for all Disney World guests. It can be as simple as a one day ticket or as complicated as 10 days worth of admissions to almost everything at Walt Disney World and you can even add an option that will keep the ticket good forever.
  • Disney Dining Plan - several years ago, Disney added dining to the options in the Magic Your Way Package. You can choose from options that include dining at Counter Service Restaurants, Table Service Restaurants or even an option with entertainment added in. There's something here for every budget.
  • Transportation - you can book your flights through Disney. Yes, there is an option to book flights through all US and most Canadian airports. Rental cars are also available as is ...
  • Magical Express - Magical Express is FREE transportation for you and your luggage to and from the Orlando International Airport.

The Art of Animation (the newest Disney Hotel)

The Art of Animation is the newest Disney World hotelPhoto by Express Monorail

Room Only Package

The Room Only Package is just that a package that only has a room at one of the fabulous Disney Hotels in it. These packages are handled a little differently from the Magic Your Way package. If you get a room only package, you will only have to make a one night deposit and the balance is due on arrival. (Magic Your Way is $200 deposit and balance 45 days prior to arrival.)


You can add tickets and more to a Room Only Package, but then it becomes a Magic Your Way package. Clear as mud?

The Dolphin at night

The Dolphin hotel at nightPhoto by Jeff_B.

Create your own

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Yes, you can create your own 2013 Walt Disney World Package. It's easy and hard. You do have to do a bit of work.


If you are flying, you'll have to find tickets. Yes, Dad will help. Being a former Travel Agent, Dad knows a bit about airline tickets. Check it out ...

Dad's Flights to Orlando page

Of course, you'll have to have a hotel. There are several places to choose from to sleep when you are in Orlando.

  • Hotels near Disney World - there are hundreds of hotels in the Orlando area. You can find several of them here.
  • Hotels on Disney Property - it's a little known fact, there are several hotels on the Disney property not owned by Disney. Really good hotels.
  • Disney Hotels - of course you might want to choose one of the best hotels in the world, the Disney Hotels (but then you'd need a Disney package)

After flights and hotels, you'll need some tickets. Dad has the cheapest place to buy Disney World Tickets on his payroll (not really on the payroll). Get yours today. PS. Dad's partner even has tickets to other Orlando shows and events.

Dad's Cheapest Disney World Tickets page

Do you need a car as part of your 2013 Disney World package? Maybe so. Check out what Dad thinks, cause Dad is always right. Trust me.

Dad's Car at Disney World page

Might not want to choose this one

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Get Professional Help

One of Dad's 10 Steps to a Stress Free Vacation is turning all of your problems over to a professional to take care of them. Dad has partnered with a great group of Disney Vacation Planners who can help you with any question or situation you might encounter. The best part is it's absolutely free. Get started today.

Dad's Destinations to Travel page



one day free in the parks

Dad's Bottom Line

You will need some kind of Disney Package for your trip. Whether you make one yourself or let a Professional help you, it's fun. Trust me.