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Free Disney World Tickets


Free Disney World Tickets, get your tickets here. Yeah right. Sometimes Disney did at one time actually give tickets out for free and it was sometimes a good deal (not usually). Free is not always good? Yep that's what I said.

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


LET ME BE CLEAR. Disney does NOT have any promotions right now with free tickets. They may come back again someday, but not today.

Here are the current ways to get in free

Disney is always changing the promotions they give out, but as of right now, here are the ways to get free tickets. Legally.

Know someone who works there

Employees of the Disney Company and some of it's sister companies give employees tickets for family and friends. Sometimes those are individual tickets that can be given away, but most of the time the employee has to be present when the pass is first used.


Hey son, time to go to work for Disney.


I know it's disappointing. Disney is getting chintzy.

If you can't get one for free

Since you can't find any Free Disney World Tickets right now, you might as well find the cheapest tickets available and of course, Dad knows where those are. Dad loves cheap tickets.

Dad's cheapest Disney World Ticket page

These Disney World Tickets are always free - FASTPASS

Free Disney World Tickets - FastpassPhoto by Express Monorail

Historical Disney Free Ticket Promotions

Here are some of Disney's past free ticket promotions for Walt Disney World. Who knows, you might see one of these again.

Disney Special Package Deals

Disney has several ways to fill up the parks. Lately one of the ways they've done it is to offer free days as part of a package deal. In 2009 it was pay for 4 nights get 3 free. (This included hotels and tickets.) In 2010 if you stay at a Value or Moderate resort you are eligible for the buy 4 get 3 free. If you are at any other Disney Resort you can get 2 nights free by paying for 5.


Book your trip in January of 2012 and travel between February 26 and March 10 and get a day free as part of the One More Disney Day promotion. If you book a (non-discounted) trip of 3 nights or more you can get one day free (hotel included). Get more information from Dad's friends over at Destinations to Travel.


These are really good deals. Snag one if you can.

Dad's Disney World Tickets page

Happy Birthday

I'm going to leave this here in case Disney renews it, but the free birthday program expired at the end of 2009 and is no longer available.


Disney will give you a free ticket to any park on your birthday. Wow, how generous can the Disney Company be? Let's do the math...


A 5 day ticket costs $228.00 and a 4 day ticket costs $225.00. Wow that's a whopping $3.00 savings. Thanks a bunch. And what about the rest of my party? Huh? You gonna let them in free? I didn't think so. (You can get several gifts worth about $75.00 instead of a ticket into a park so it really is a good deal.)


Getting free tickets on your birthday is a good deal if you live close by and are only going for a single day. (Just another reason to relocate to the Orlando area.) If you already are going to buy a multi-day ticket, skip the free day and go for what's behind door number 2.




Volunteer for a day

Here's another program of Free Disney World Tickets that's expired, but Disney might renew it someday.


In 2010 Disney offered to give up to 1 million guests a free day at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. All you had to do is to volunteer for a day. Pretty good trade off. Disney partnered with the Hands on Network to encourage people to trade a day of volunteer work for a day in one of the parks.


Once again, this is a nice marketing tool, but for most of us it's not very practical. Yes it's a free day in one of Disney's parks, a whopping $3.00 savings for most of us.


(The 1 million tickets were all distributed by the end of April. Disney has discontinued the promotion.)

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Dad's Bottom Line

Free Disney World Tickets are a good thing. Hey Disney, how about sending me some.