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Frontierland paints a Disney picture of America's westward expansion. This is a great place to see America in the "wild west" days. You can even pick up an old western rifle and try your hand at hitting some pretty neat targets. Yeee Haaw!



Some of Disney's best attractions are here. Check them out ...


Signs in Frontierland pointing to Splash Mountain Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Train Station

Photo by Don Sullivan

The Attractions

The Attractions here are big and bold. There aren't as many as in Tomorrowland but these are some of the best in the Magic Kingdom.

  • Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland
    Photo by Jeff_B
    Frontierland Shootin' Arcade - Start off by working on your shootin' eye by hitting the interesting targets light up, make noises, and even move when you shoot them. Take dead aim.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad takes you back to the gold rush times where Der's Gold in Dem Der Hills. Climb aboard the fastest train in Disney World. Hold on to your hats.
  • Country Bear Jamboree - A little down home country entertainment. It's a cute little country show that will never make it to Nashville, but will have you singing right along.
  • Tom Sawyer Island - The younger set will enjoy Tom Sawyer Island. It's a great playground for kids. It was modeled after the classic Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn novels. The kids will have a ball.
  • Splash Mountain - Splash Mountain is the a study in contrasts. You sing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah My Oh My what a Wonderful Day as you go plunging down a 100 story drop. (Yeah I know it's only 14, but it feels like 100 to me.)
  • Disney World Railroad - The train makes a stop right behind Splash Mountain. All aboard the train that encircles the park. Uncle Walt loved trains. He had one in his back yard. This one is a good way to see the backside of the Magic Kingdom.


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The Parades

Mickey leads the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade through Frontierland
Photo by Samantha Decker
Frontierland is a good place to watch the Disney World parades. In fact most guidebooks steer guests to this area. That probably explains why it's so crowded around parade time. If you come early (and are willing to protect your ground) you can get a real good look at both the afternoon and evening parades.

Celebrate a Dream Come True is the afternoon parade. It typically starts here and winds it's way to Main Street. In the evening the Main Street Electrical Parade thrills guests. Don't miss these, especially if you have kids.


Crowds congregate in Frontierland in the early afternoon (around parade time). If you get caught in a parade crowd, the path along The River of the Americas is kept clear. You can walk from the Riverboat to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad without having to fight the crowds.


Dad's Guide to Magic Kingdom Crowds


FastPass is available for "the mountains". Dad recommends you grab one for Splash Mountain as soon as possible. The wait for the Country Bear Jamboree is usually only one show.

For the best Magic Kingdom crowd avoidance plans check out They have over 100 plans for touring Walt Disney World.


Dad's page



Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn is the only place to get food in Frontierland

Photo by Samantha Decker

The Dining

The only dining in Frontierland is Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. It serves hamburgers and fixins, lots and lots of fixins. The fixins bar is legendary.


Dad's Bottom Line

Frontierland is more than just the "mountains". But the "mountains" are pretty good. Make sure to spend some time here.


Go for the "mountains" but check out the rest.


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