Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing

by Corey
(New Prague, MN)

Twin Family's First Trip to the Magic Kingdom

I've never been to Disney World and haven't been to Disney Land in almost 20 years. We will be going in October of 2013 (barring the Mayans are right). Hopefully the lines will be shorter when we go. Our party will consist of Me Twin Dad, my wife, Twin Mom, mother-in-law, Scooter, and twins Stretch and Peanut who will be almost 5 when we go.

We'd pick a week day with Morning Extra Magic Hours. We would get to the park about half an hour before the park opened. Our first stop would be Dumbo the flying Elephant. Peanut isn't a big fan of intense rides so we'd start on something tame to get her warmed up. While in Fantasyland we would also hit Peter Pan's flight.

Before it got too busy we head back to Tomorrow land. On the way over I'd use the Lines app. to check the lines of Space Mountain and Cars of Tomorrow Land. We'd get the Fast Pass for whichever is longer and ride the other first. Before leaving Tomorrowland we'd also hit Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

Time to back track over to Frontierland. Normally I would start in Tomorrowland and work counter clockwise around the park. Peanut, however, is not a big fan of fast rides and would need a warm up before we even dream of getting her on Space Mountain or any other coaster. On our way back through Fantasyland we'd probably stop at the Mad Tea Party and possibly The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh if the line is short. In Frontier land we would use the app. check the lines at Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We'd go to whichever was shorter and Fastpass the longer one. If we have extra time between rides we would spend some time at the arcade. Before leaving Frontier land I'm sure we'd need a break and watch the Country Bear Jamboree.

Our last land on the first Circuit is Adventure land. Our first stop will be Aladdin’s Magic Carpets. Then on to Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise. We'll wrap up the first circuit with lunch and relax in the Tiki Room.

Our second circuit will be clock wise and pick up rides and attractions we missed on the first trip. We will for sure hit the Haunted Mansion and I am sure Stretch and Peanut would get a kick out of Tom Sawyer's Island. Also, no trip to the Magic Kingdom would be complete without a trip to It’s a Small World (cringe). We also have to do Mickey's Philharmagic.

This plan is subject to change as soon as Twin Mom sees it and will probably change multiple times before we get to the Magic Kingdom. It will probably even change right after we get to the park.

Dad's Bottom Line

Thanks Corey, Sounds like work in progress. (Most plans are.) I'll let you know what the crowds are like in October when the Palooza is done.

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