Jersey Week at Walt Disney World

Jersey Week at Walt Disney World

I have been reading alot about increased crowds and busy parks because of "Jersey Week". We will be in Disney during the first week of November. We chose that week because we thought it was a less busy time. Does this "Jersey Week" really cause one of the busiest weeks of the year? Thanks for your answer Dad. Love your site!!!

Dad's in their dreams Answer

Yes, Jersey Week does exist. According to some websites all 200,000 people that still live in Jersey flock to Disney World the first week of November because the all of the kids are out of school on Thursday and Friday for teacher workdays. This causes crowds that overrun Disney World so badly that you can't even breathe in the parks.

(Say it ain't so, Dad ...)

It ain't so.

Yes, crowds will be up just a tad during Jersey Week, and yes, if you get to the parks after lunch you might see a few people there. BUT IT WON'T BE AS BAD AS A MODERATE SUMMER DAY, and it certainly isn't as busy as a Spring Break day where guests from all over the world descend on Disney World because they have a whole week off. (Some people need to get a life.)

Yep, Dad's ranting again.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Don't worry too much about New Jersey Week unless you have problems with people from New Jersey. A couple will be there. Yes, it's not the slowest week of the year, but I knew about New Jersey Week and I still made a prediction of light crowds.

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Sep 08, 2017
Jersey week
by: Anonymous

Jersey week'17 for me will be Nov 3 - Nov 12.

We're teachers and we have kids so....

We go about 2-3 times a year and Nov break is just moderate packed. Don't stress it.

May 05, 2016
I have been doing a lot of reading too...
by: Anonymous

I have been doing a lot of reading too...Jersey week can be the first or second week of November and I seen it is the second week of November for 2016..I also read it is not that bad even if it is the week you are going. We are going the first week and I am not going to worry about it. ;)

Apr 10, 2015
Jersery Week
by: Amy

I saw on another blog that Jersery week is the second week of Nov. Just wanted clarification on what week it is. Not that we have anything against New Jersery but we would like to go the slowest time possible. Thank you!

Dad's Answer

Amy. I was there last year and trust me, it's the first week of November.

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