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July Disney World crowds


July Disney World crowds roar out of the gate like the fireworks on the 4th. Happy Birthday America. July 4th the locals come out to see the fireworks. There will be people packed in the parks like sardines. If you are planning a Disney World vacation on July 4th, bring a bag of patience with you. The fireworks shows are worth it.


Disney does the July 4th Fireworks show right - Photo by Laurie Sapp


July is the hottest month of the year crowd wise. Just look at all the red and orange doesn't it just look hot...





July Disney World Crowd Calendar


Dad's July Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar Disclaimer


This calendar is based on historical facts, as I know them today. The Walt Disney World Resort is an ever-changing environment and you might find things significantly different from below.

(There, Dad's Mr. lawyer, are you happy?)

July Disney World Crowds

July Disney World Crowds are some of the biggest of the year. When you look at the whole month, July is probably the busiest overall. Most days in July there are heavy to out of control crowds.


Now before you say, if the crowds are so heavy, why would we even go in July? That's a fair question. If you don't have any alternatives, you can still go in July and have a great time.

Dad's How to Beat Disney World Crowds page


July Weather

July Events

The rest of the month winds down and crowds dwindle slowly as the heat increases. The Sounds Like Summer Concert series continues in the American Gardens Theater. Sounds Like Summer is a series of concerts featuring tribute bands from popular artists from the 1980's and 1990's. There are bands like 2U, a U2 Tribute band and Stayin' Alive, a Bee Gees Tribute band.

Dad's Disney World Events page

Avoid Disney World crowds

It's hard to completely avoid Disney World crowds in July. They are everywhere. That's where Dad comes in. Dad knows how to avoid crowds, even the ones in July. On Dad's Disney World crowd page, you'll find tips and strategies that will help you minimize the impact of the sweaty throngs that trudge around the Disney World parks from morning to night.

Dad's Disney World crowds page

Dad's 2017 WDW Crowd Calendars

Dad's 2017 Walt Disney World Crowds Calendars

Dad's 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendars
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The Complete Crowd Picture

The Disney World crowds in July can be as hot as a firecracker. Most of us need some help to plan how we are going to deal with them. While Dad knows July Disney World crowds, there is someone out there that know them even better than Dad. That's The folks over at Touringplans actually wrote the book on Disney World crowds. (The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World.)


The website if full of all the information you need to plan the Perfect Disney World vacation. They have daily projections of the crowds in each park. They have history of the crowd levels back several years. They even have an app called "Lines" which tells you the lenght of the lines at each ride in real time. Live and in color.


I use for my trips and highly recommend it. Trust me.

Dad's page

Ask Dad

Hey, if you don't see what you are looking for here, don't hesitate to ask Dad. Dad is a self-proclaimed expert on all thing Disney World. Don't believe it? Come on over and try to stump him.

Dad's Ask Dad page



Dad's Bottom Line

Should you to to Disney World in July? Do you like to stand in long lines with stinky, sweaty people? If so, then yes, go. If not, choose another month and go to the beach in the summer.