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Dad's Magic Kingdom
Nine By Noon Challenge

Want to take Dad's Magic Kingdom Nine By Noon Challenge? Good! Let's get started.


What? You don't know what Dad is talking about? Check out Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge page.


Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge page


You story can be about a future trip or about how you've already accomplished the Challenge or how you tried and failed. It's all about the stories.


OK, now that we're through with the preliminaries, we're looking forward to seeing your "PLANS" for or stories about completing the 9 rides at the Magic Kingdom before noon. But before we begin there are just a couple of basic rules.


Your entry must contain -

  • In the header boxes
    • A title (something memorable and fun)
    • A name (can be a funny family trip name)
  • The story must include
    • The date of your visit (including Extra Magic Hours, day of the week)
    • Some details of your party (number, general ages, physical condition)
    • The details of your plan/accomplishment/failure (400 words minimum)
  • VERY IMPORTANT - after you enter your story, on the second page, you must selec one of the boxes under "Set Notifications Options" and enter a working email address. If you don't you won't be eligible to win any prizes.

The entry should be at least 400 words. The better the story the better the chance of winning the Grand Prize (if Dad ever figures out a grand prize).


You could also add some stories of things that happened along the way. Yes, please add any relevant pictures.


Let's go!


See what others have accomplished

Click on one of the links below to see how others have done. This is fun.

Trust me.

9 by Noon for the Wandering Welshs 
If you know our family, you will know that we tend to take our time and meander about, getting frequently distracted and losing focus. Of course this is …

Cigars Aren't For Princesses Not rated yet
For Disney rookies with no planning and three children under five we were close but no cigar on Nov 19th to riding 9 by noon. We arrived with our Princesses …

Mom on a Mission Not rated yet
Let the challenge begin! My youngest son(16) and I(mom) will be attending the Night of Joy in September. This is our first time for NOJ and we are so …

We Want to Become Three Mousekateers Not rated yet
Will three non-Mouseketeers do nine by noon to earn the right to defend fun at WDW and join Mickey's ranks? Let's find out! Who: One 30 something Mom, …

Nine by Noon Contest Entry -
Run Christine Run!
 Not rated yet
I personally accomplished the 9-noon challenge as a solo visitor in February of last year, so I know it’s possible! Follow this game plan and I swear you …

There's a great big beautiful Magic Kingdom- where 9 rides can be done by noon Not rated yet
Start your 9 ride journey on an early extra magic hours on a beautiful February morning during the week. As soon as you enter the Kingdom, make a beeline …

Here Goes Nothing Not rated yet
Twin Family's First Trip to the Magic Kingdom I've never been to Disney World and haven't been to Disney Land in almost 20 years. We will be going …

Perfect Places, Properly Prioritized, Produce Pure Pleasure!!! Not rated yet
Heading back to Walt Disney World after a year away is always exciting, nerve-wracking and thrilling. It really jolts the pre-planner of our crew …

Cindy's 9 by noon plan Not rated yet
I would attend the morning extra magic hours to get an early start. I always work the kingdom counter clockwise. I start at Tomorrow Land with Monster's …


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