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May Disney World crowds

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Hey, Dad? What are the May Disney World crowds like? There are no crowds at Disney World in May, at least until Memorial Day Weekend. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.



May is a wonderful, quiet (for the most part) and interesting time to go to Disney. Crowds are small and the entertainment is great.

May Disney World Crowds

Happy Mothers Day

Every mother should see flowers on Mothers Day - photo by Jeff_B

May Events

Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival wraps up and Mother's Day activities draw a few folks, but it's a pretty good month to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and small May Disney World crowds.

Dad's Epcot Flower and Garden Festival page

May is also the beginning of Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios Wookies, Storm Troopers, Darth Vader... and much, much more invade the Studios during Star Wars Weekends. Throw on your best Princess Leia costume and join in.


NOTE: Crowds at the other parks will be small on these weekends but at Disney Hollywood Studios it will be packed.

Dad's Star Wars Weekend page

Spring break is over. School is still winding up. Not a whole lot of families go on Disney World vacations in May, at least not until the Memorial Day weekend.

Dad's Disney World Events page

Calling All Dads

May is a great time for you to celebrate at Disney World. Grab Mom and take her on the trip of a lifetime for Mother's Day. Come on you stick-in-the-mud Dads, you'll have a blast. You won't have much competition from the crowds. The kids will love you for it. Your wife will love your for it. Trust me...

How to avoid May Disney World crowds

Let Dad tell you how to avoid May Disney World crowds. In it Dad gives you the scoop on how to avoid crowds (as much as possible), and when is the best time to go to the parks.


May Disney World Crowd Calendar


Dad's Disney World Crowd Calendar Disclaimer


This calendar is based on historical facts, as I know them today. The Walt Disney World Resort is an ever-changing environment and you might find things significantly different from below.


(There, Dad's Mr. lawyer, are you happy?)

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The Complete Crowd Picture

For a more in depth picture of the May Disney World Crowds, check out where they literally wrote the book on Disney World crowds. At you can see what the crowds have been like at Disney World over the last 5+ years. You can see projected crowds at each park (even more in depth than Dad's projections). You'll see recommendations for which park to visit and which park to avoid.


The "Lines" app is a thing of beauty and it comes with every subscription. Lines shows you how long the line is at every ride in every park in real time. (It even works in the park. Disney hasn't found a way to block it yet.)


Go over and grab a subscription to the site today. You won't be sorry. Trust me.

Dad's page

Ask Dad

If you have any questions about May at Disney World, if it's about crowds or events or parks ... Dad knows. Feel free to ask him any questions about anything.

Dad's Ask Dad page

Dad's Bottom Line

May is a beautiful time to visit Walt Disney World. The weather is beautiful and crowds are mostiy light. Take mom and have a ball.

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