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Mickey's Toontown Fair

Mickey's Toontown Fair was added to the Magic Kingdom in 1996. It's not part of Uncle Walt's original design. That might be why in 2011 it was closed and torn down. Really all gone.


The Fair was the only land that didn't even connect with Cinderella Castle, so is it really part of the Magic Kingdom? Or just an afterthought?


Does it really matter? It's all gone now. It's been replaced by Storybook Circus which is totally cool.


Dad's Storybook Circus page




Before they tore it down, this was where you could seeboth Mickey's and Minnie's Houses. You could walk through Donald's Boat, and you could see a cow that had a Mickey "tattoo"? That's all gone except ...


All that's left

The Barnstormer is the only ride left over from Mickey's Toontown Fair

Photo by Express Monorail

The New Area

Mickey's Toontown Fair is now Storybook Circus in the new Fantasyland. The Barnstormer survived and Dumbo moved over here. The new area is really cool.


Here's a list of the attractions that used to be here.

The Barnstormer survived as The Barnstormer starring the Great Goofini. It's pretty much the same with just a bit of decoration change.


The Mickey Mailbox from Mickey's Toontown Fair

Photo by Express Monorail


And the shops ...

  • County Bounty - Souvenirs clothing and character watches
  • Toontown Fair Souvenirs - Souvenirs and hats


There wasn't really any dining in the Fair, just a ...

  • Toontown Farmers Market - Fruits and drinks

Dad's Bottom Line

Disney has always had problems with this area. Mickey's Toontown Fair the latest try to make something poeple would visit. It didn't really work.

The Fair was not part of Uncle Walt's design for the Magic Kingdom which was why there wasn't a big outcry when it was all torn down. (Except for The Barnstormer which was remodeled into the Great Goofini.)


Maybe now with the New Fantasyland and the Dueling Dumbos someone has finally found a formula that will work.


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