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Mickey's Country House


Warning - Mickey's Country House has been removed as part of the remodeling of Fantasyland.


Since Mickey is the Judge guest can find Mickey's judge outfits hanging on a coat rack as they walk in. As guest look around they can find evidence of the mess Donald and Goofy left behind. Guest will especially notice the mess in the kitchen where Donald and Goofy tried to remodel. But guest can still open the refrigerator and play with the microwave which were unharmed during the remodel.


In the living room little guest can find out who sent Mickey mails and listen to his radio. Next guest can walk into the bedroom and see photos of Mickey from the time he was just a little mouse til now.

Outside the house a garden is growing some unusual plants, and huge vegetable with their own Mickey Ears. Guest can also find Pluto's doghouse.


Mickey's mailbox at Mickey's Country HouseMickey's Mailbox - Photo by Joe Penniston

Fun Facts

Here are some interesting tibits -

  • The judges tent at the rear of the house is a good play to run into Mickey and Minnie to get autographs and pictures.
  • At least a hundred people can be wandering through the house.


This attraction is located in the back of Mickey's Toontown Fair to the left of the train station. It opened on June 18,1988.

Dad's Ride Information Table

Mickey's Country House
Description: fun filled house with lots for the kids to play with
Height Requirement - none Fastpass:no Length of Ride: as long as the kids want to stay
Type of ride: Walk through attraction.

Dad's Ratings

5 1 1 3 3

Other Information:

Dad's Bottom Line

OK, it's kinda cute, once. But it's pretty boring for anyone over the age of 8.