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My Disney Experience


Walt Disney World is taking the guest experience to a whole new level – online, at home, and in the parks with My Disney Experience. Available as an app or a website, it’s a whole new way for your to PLAN your Perfect vacation, interact with the parks and resorts, and help the folks at Disney provide a more customized experience for each and every family.




From providing parks maps and times guides to keeping you informed about wait times to letting you create your own PLAN, My Disney Experience brings all the elements of planning your trip to Walt Disney World together in one place.

The My Disney Experience page


My Disney Experience is part of Disney's brand new MyMagic+ program. My Magic + includes not only the My Disney Experience, but it includes Fastpass+, the new RFID door locks, My MagicBands, and lots, lots more.

Dad's MyMagic+ page

Website and Mobile App

My Disney Experience is an app currently available for free download on Apple and Android Devices. You can also use the service online from any computer or tablet at although the site is in slow roll-out and not available to all IP addresses yet. For now, if you go to the My Disney Experience website, you may find yourself redirected to the Walt Disney World website’s Planning Centre.


Whether you choose the app or website, you can expect to find lots of tools and resources to book and plan your trip, tools to use when you arrive in Orlando, and of course a help section with lots of info, FAQ, and even an easy “Call Walt Disney World” button in the app – perfect for smartphones.


The full page at My Disney Experience

Before You Leave

When you're still in the planning stage, you can login to your Disney Experience with your profile and start creating a solid PLAN for your trip. Each member of your family can even have their own profile and link to yours so you can make planning a family activity!

My Plans

One of the big features is that you can make a PLAN. No, these won't be the super-detailed, down-to-the-minute type plans you'd find from my friends at, BUT they do allow you do record your Advanced Dining Reservations and schedule in the show times you'd like to see so that you can keep track of time-sensitive parts of your day. Eventually, you'll also see you FastPass+ reservations here.


You can link your Advanced Dining Reservations to your account, and you can even make reservations by searching restaurant availabilities.  While this can come in handy to make day-of reservations (if you want dinner reservations for the same night, the app will show you any available restaurants and times), it’s always best to book 180 days in advance if possible to avoid disappointment.

Tickets and Passes

You can link your Magic Your Way Tickets and FastPass+ passes to your My Disney Experience app, which can help you keep all of your park pass info straight. In theory, this should also help you sort things out quickly in the case of a missing pass!

My Reservations

This section allows you to store all of the info about your resort booking, park passes, Advanced Dining Reservations, and more – presumably you'll be able to also link reservations for special events, tours, or more in this section as well.


Yes, you can even book your reservations if someone else (like my partners over at Dreams Come True Vacaations) made them for you.


Wishlist is a neat feature – it allows you to keep track of all of the restaurants, rides, and shows you want to experience on your trip. This is a great tool for families to keep track of their “must see” attractions!


One of the biggest features of My Disney Experience will be the ability to book your FastPass+ reservations. You'll be able to go online in advance of your trip (or during your trip) to book your 3 FastPass+ experiences (3 individual rides all in one park, per day). You’ll choose the ride (or show), the time, and then you'll be assigned a FastPass+ - no lining up at the kiosks required! It’s a great feature for those who aren’t morning people – you’ll never have to line up for a Toy Story Midway Mania FastPass again!

Dad's FASTPASS page


Magic Bands will work with My Disney Experience by pulling the data from your reservations onto the RFID chip in the bands, allowing you to use your FastPass+, check in for dining reservations, and more. By using My Disney Experience prior to your trip, you'll be able to order customized Magic Bands for each member of your family, which will be shipped to your home or resort depending on when you book your trip.

On Your Vacation

Things to do – browse and search by theme destination park/resort, activity, attractions characters, dining, guest services, restrooms, recreation, shopping, entertainment, restaurant menus and prices and hours and locations and a partridge in a pear tree.

Park Maps

My Disney Experience app has highly detailed maps that allow you to zoom in all the way from an aerial view of the entire property down to a specific place at a park or resort. It can be really handy for you to find your way around!

Time Guides and Park Hours

If you’ve forgotten to pick up a Times Guide on your way into the park, or just want to help save some trees – the Times Guide and Park Hours are available on the My Disney Experience app to help you keep track of everything there is to do!

Here & Now

If you enable the GPS feature on your phone, you can use the Here & Now option on the My Disney Experience app. It will pinpoint your location and let you know what there is to see and do in your immediate area at that very moment. Neat, huh?

Wait Times

We've all been there – it’s a hot, sweaty Florida day and the last thing you want to do is traipse around the park to see how long the wait time is for Space Mountain. In the past, a centralized “wait times” board at each park helped but you still usually had to go a long way to check in. Now you can see on your phone how long the wiat times are for all attractions at each park. This feature also provides info on attraction age suggestions, thrill factor, and accessibility.


PS. Dad found that's Lines app is more accurate.

Characters Today

Don't know where to find Pooh, Ariel, or Buzz Lightyear? This part of the app lets you search by character so you're sure to track down your child’s favorite!

Lots to remember

That's sure a bunch of stuff to think about. How are we going to remember all the features? That's pretty easy. Just go over to my friends at Destinations to Travel and they'll help you keep track of everything whether you use the apps or not.

Dad's Destinations to Travel page


Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning

Dad's Bottom Line

Overall, the My Disney Experience system provides a lot of handy tools for guests visiting Walt Disney World.  With the technology involved, there may be a learning curve for some, but in the long run this will hopefully allow families to have a more relaxing, well-planned trip.