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Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge
The Magic Kingdom

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Welcome to Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge for the Magic Kingdom. This is going to be good.


This idea has been percolating in Dad's mind for a while. It started when Dad read a story about the average guest only completing 9 rides a day. Only nine. That's almost criminal. The average guest should be able to do way more than 9 rides. So was born Dad's Nine by Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge. (See the introduction from the blog.)



Everyone can take this challenge. In fact, it's so easy that everyone should. The best time to avoid Magic Kingdom Crowds is in the morning. Get to the Magic Kingdom early and you'll be way ahead of the crowd.



Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge starts in Tomorrowland - Photo by Don Sullivan

The Challenge

Dad has finally figured out how to put all this together into a contest to see who can come up with the best "PLAN" for seeing the most rides in the Magic Kingdom in the morning. Wanna play? There is even a prize. Every month Dad will award a prize. This month it's a 3 year subscription to 3 YEARS!


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Be a winner

Yes, you do have to do a little work to win. You have to tell us either how you completed the Challenge or how you would complete the Challenge (extra credit is given for pictures of you completing the challengs).


Playing along is pretty simple. Login with either your email or Facebook (needed to get in touch with you if you win the prize) then add your story to the Challenge Story page. Dad will pick a winner out of the stories for the month.


Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge Stories page


Dad's Bottom Line

This is going to be fun. Good luck. Let the Challenge begin. All you have to do to play is to come up with a PLAN and tell the world how you are going to conquer the Magic Kingdom. Easy.


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