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Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge
The Magic Kingdom

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Welcome to Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge for the Magic Kingdom. This is going to be good.


This idea has been percolating in Dad's mind for a while. It started when Dad read a story about the average guest only completing 9 rides a day. Only nine. That's almost criminal. The average guest should be able to do way more than 9 rides. So was born Dad's Nine by Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge. (See the introduction from the blog.)


Everyone can take this challenge. In fact, it's so easy that everyone should. The best time to avoid Magic Kingdom Crowds is in the morning. Get to the Magic Kingdom early and you'll be way ahead of the crowd.

The Rules

Rules, we don't need no stinkin' rules.


The rules of our Nine By Noon Challenge are pretty simple.


1. Book a trip to WDW, bonus points for booking with Destinations to Travel

2. Make a PLAN

3. Go to the Magic Kingdom and execute your PLAN

4. Come back and report how you did below on this page (there's no shame for failure, even Dad failed once, we won't talk about the other times)

A Little Help

Getting professional help is not against the rules. In fact, Dad encourages it. Of course you can check out all of Dad's great tips, but you should also get help from the "experts" at They wrote the book on touring WDW. Literally. They are the best when it comes to time saving plans.


Another place Dad recommends for professional help is with Dad's good friends and partners at Destinations to Travel. I can't recommend them highly enough. They will help you not only with your trip reservations, but they will help you put together a great PLAN!

Dad's Destinations to Travel Page

Let the Nine by Noon Challenge Begin

This is going to be FUN. Good luck. Let the Challenge begin. Be sure to send pictures.

Tell Dad about your PLAN

Can you complete nine rides at the Magic Kingdom by noon. That's the challenge.