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Here are links to some the Disney World question and answers Dad's gotten. I've broken them down into themes. Click on the links to see Dad's fabulous answers to the questions. You can even leave comments.


How busy will the parks be? That's the number one question Dad gets asked. For good reason. Us long time Disney vets long for the quiet days of the past when you could spend an easy day at the parks with short lines. It just doesn't seem to happen as much. Check out the crowd questions below.

Gay Days

I've gotten several questions about Gay Days at Disney World, so I thought I'd combine them.

The Parks

Here are the questions Dad's gotten about the parks.


Dad believes the best way to a great Disney World vacation is to have a good plan.


Getting around Walt Disney World can sometimes be challenging.


Disney has great hotels, but they are expensive. Here are some tips and information about hotels in and around Disney World.


Everyone's gotta eat. Let Dad help. (Yeah, Dad likes to eat.)


Buying tickets is one of the largest items in the vacation budget.


Disney does holidays right.


Orlando is the home of Disney World (even though Uncle Walt started his own town to control things).

About Dad

I've saved the most important category for last. All about Dad.

Dad's Bottom Line

Dad's here to help. Feel free to ask anything.

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