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Yep, Dad recommends Undercover Tourist or UT for Walt Disney World Tickets. That's a fact.


Get your tickets ... Tickets ...


Everyone that goes to Walt Disney World will need a ticket. Yes, you can get them through Disney and you can get them in a package. But one way to save money on Disney World vacations is to buy your tickets separately. When you do, Dad recommends ...


... the trusted name in attraction tickets

The Tickets

Undercover Tourist sells Disney World Tickets. That's what they do. They also sell tickets to that other theme park in Orlando, but we won't talk about that here. You can get tickets to Gatorland, Legoland, Sea World and even Cirque du Soleil. You might want to know just what kind of tickets they sell.


Never fear, the tickets are real. They are Magic Your Way Tickets just like you would buy at the Transportation and Ticket Center or any other Disney ticket counter. They can add the Park Hopper Option and even the Water Park and More option. It's just like buying tickets from Disney.


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Magic Your Way Ticket

Photo by Gregula

Authorized by Disney

Not every place you can buy tickets is approved by Disney. There are lots of scams out there that sell illegal tickets, tickets purchased with stolen credit cards, tickets that are partially used, etc. Buying unauthorized tickets can lead to big problems.

UT is authorized by Disney to sell tickets at a reduced price. There are only a handful of ticket resellers that are authorized by Disney. UT has been for a long time. You can buy these tickets with confidence.


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Will I really save money?

The short answer is yes, you will save money. The 2013 price of a 4 day Adult Magic Your WayBase ticket (no options) from Disney is $256. The same ticket from Undercover Tourist is $240.33. That's a savings of almost $16 per ticket. (Yes, it's not quite the same ticket. At UT, you buy a 3 day ticket and they add an extra day.)


Depending on the options you choose you could save up to $42 per ticket.


Get your tickets from Undercover Tourist

PS. They have free shipping or you can pick them up in their Orlando office.


Read Dad on the UT blog

The nice people over at Undercover Tourist like Dad's work so much they are now letting Dad write a monthly column over on their blog. It's pretty good stuff (usually).

Dad writes about when to visit Disney on the UT blog


Check it out. Dad will be posting on the Tuesday after the 15th of the month. Don't miss it (the UT blog).

Dad's Bottom Line

You should check out UT when you are looking at your tickets for a Disney World Vacation. Trust me. You will save money.


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