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The Video Ask Dad Page




Welcome to the Video Ask Dad Page. That's right, video....

Do you have a question about Walt Disney World? Why not Ask Dad? Dad knows WDW.


For years, Dad has been answering all kinds of questions about WDW. It's up to over 800. Now Dad's going high tech and using video. (Or maybe he's just tired of typing.)

Dad's Ask Dad page


Want to Ask Dad a question about WDW? Make a quick video with your question and send it to Dad over on Facebook and Dad will do his best to answer it in the way only Dad can.


Ask Dad, he knows everything

Do you have any questions about Walt Disney World? Why not ask Dad. He knows everything, and he's not afraid to share.

Sometimes he's even right.

Questions others have asked

Click on one of the links below to see Dad's amazing answers to questions others have asked.

Trust me.

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UPDATE: Here's the scoop. Select Disney Visa Card Holders got a PIN code for the new Winter Discounts. You have to have a PIN code to be eligible …

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Transcript of the Video - Hi, Dad here. Welcome to the first video Ask Dad. This is going to be pretty cool, we're going to test it out, and …

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Transcript of Video Hi, Dad here with another video Ask Dad. I hope you're enjoying these. Today's question comes from Monica in San …

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