We Want to Become Three Mousekateers

We Want to Become Three Mousekateers

by Heather
(King George, Virginia)

The Plan

The Plan

The Plan Minnie and Mickey Thunder Mountain Mickey Treat

Will three non-Mouseketeers do nine by noon to earn the right to defend fun at WDW and join Mickey's ranks? Let's find out!

Who: One 30 something Mom, and her 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter.

When: It’s February 2013, so low crowds, but an amazingly warm day, but we’re OK with getting wet.

Our first strategic move will be to leave the Dad of the crew back at the resort (Wilderness Lodge, his choice) for a quiet morning. He prefers not to rush on vacation, and will enjoy having the TV remote to himself, and then some time exploring the property, and maybe even a dip in the excellent themed pool. He’ll come join us for lunch and tour with us the rest of the day.

We arrive at the turnstiles about 20 minutes before opening. Then we hit the attractions:

  1. Space Mountain - kids' first time, but they've been on crazier rides elsewhere.
  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to ride (or collect FASTPASS if there’s a wait)
  3. Splash Mountain - we have ponchos if we need them
  4. Aladdin’s Magic Carpets - still fun, and we like the view
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean - another first for the kids
  6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (again?) This is a favorite!!!
  7. The Hall of Presidents - history loving son wouldn't miss it (then Jungle Cruise FASTPASS Booth )
  8. Country Bear Jamboree - Mom likes it, we'll see what the kids think
  9. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room - family fun
  10. Jungle Cruise - I see an animatronic animal theme here

We did it!

I put down 10 attractions just in case the February weather is too chilly to allow a visit to Splash Mountain, or we can’t get to Big Thunder twice.

We meet my hubby for lunch to refuel and recount our victory over the nine by noon challenge. The three Mouseketeers celebrate with Mickey ice cream on a stick for dessert.

Disclaimer: the above plan was not created from scratch, but adapted for our family preferences from the "Magic Kingdom One-Day Touring Plan for Tweens and Their Parents" at Touringplans.com Hey,it's not cheating because you wrote that using that site is encouraged. Smile. My site membership will be up next month, and I'd love to win three more years! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Dad interjects

Thanks Heather. Great entry. Yes, using Touringplans is encouraged. I used them myself.

If you're thinking ... I want to enter this contest. Good. It's easy. Just go to Dad's Nine by Noon Challenge page and fill out the little form. You might just win something pretty cool.

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