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14 night trip in July


by Nichola
(Hull, England)


Hi Dad,


Myself and my husband have planned a 14-night trip to Orlando staying in Saratoga Springs from 22nd July to 5th August with our 7 year old son. The trip is our first to Orlando and is a late honeymoon after we got married in February and our son knows nothing about it (he thinks we are going to Ibiza) so we wondered if you could give us some advice of how to get the best we can from our trip.


We have 14 day Ultimate Passes for all parks in Disney World including the water park and would like to visit each one at least once. We also have a Disney Dining plan so we are hoping to book some restaurants within parks we plan to visit each day.


On top of this we would like to visit Universal (does this take 2 days?), the Sea World and maybe a shopping mall? Is all of this possible for 2 weeks and if so how do you think our time should be split between the parks? Also is there anywhere else you think we may want to visit during our trip? Thank you in advance for your help.

Dad’s almost jealous Answer




Wow, a 2 week trip at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. I’d be jealous if I didn’t already have my 2 week trip booked for October.


First let me say if you are arriving in July, you need to try to make some dining reservations TODAY!!!! You can make Advanced Dining Reservations 180 days before you arrive. You can do it at Go now and try to find some available restaurants. We’ll wait.


Why is it so important to make dining reservations? You want to try to experience of the best that Disney has to offer, that includes eating at some really great restaurants.


Back? OK, let’s get started on the rest. Two weeks is a good amount of time to spend in Orlando. You’ll be able to see a lot of the best of what Orlando has to offer. I’d suggest you plan 1 day at each of the Universal Studios parks (Universal and Islands of Adventure). You might need a third day if you are real big Harry Potter fans.


You can also plan a day at Sea World. There are 2 Sea World parks. The second park (Aquatica) is a swim with the fish park. If your son likes animals (especially fish) you might want to spend a little more and check out both Sea World and Aquatica.


So that’s 3 to 5 days. That leaves at least 9 days for Walt Disney World. This is good. Since you will be in Orlando during the hottest time of the year, I’d suggest you plan your days to be in the parks when they open and leave in the early afternoon to go back to Saratoga Springs and rest, swim and just keep cool. In the early evening you can head back to the park for the evening events.


Next, let’s look at the Water Parks. You should plan one day each for Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. These parks are cool. I would plan 1 park each week.


Now for the Theme Parks. We have at least 7 days left. I would plan 2 days in the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT and one and a half days in each of the other parks, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.


This will allow you to see most everything and even have some time to repeat your favorite attractions. You might try to save at least half a day to play around at Downtown Disney. There is great shopping, dining and Disney Quest.


Dad’s Bottom Line




Fourteen days in Orlando sounds like forever for a lot of people, but it will fly by and when you get home, you’ll see something you missed. But that’s OK, in a few years, you can have a second honeymoon at Walt Disney World.


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Comments for

May 03, 2012 Thank you!!!!!!
by: Nichola Thank you all for your very valued comments, I have taken everything on board from you all and made our dining reservations for the days we will be staying on Disney, planned 2 days for Universal and 1 for Seaworl as well as a day at the mall (my best friend is now going round about the same time as us so girly shopping day will be needed!!). We’ve also planned for the days in the parks (2 x MK, 2 x E and 1 for each of the others incl both waterparks) and suprisingly we still have a whole day and 2 half days left to go back and visit. We’ve also planned around Magic Hours so that we can visit some parks in morning to allow us to go bk to hotel mid afternoon. I really appreciate all of your comments and advice! It has taken a lot of planning but I think that has added to the excitement, especially with my little boy not knowing (thinking we’re going to Ibiza)!!! Eek not long now!!

May 03, 2012 Mall
by: Russell The mall of millennium is not too far from Universal Studios.

May 03, 2012 You will have so much fun!g
by: Julie With the Amount of time you are staying you will never feel rushed and you will enjoy it so much. I just have 2 tips. The first is for Disneys Hollywood Studios. When you arrive go directly to Midway Mania and get a fast pass. This a ride your family will not want to miss! At Christmas we rode it 7 times!! My second tip is to consider getting your son involved in pin trading. We started this fun activity at Disney when our oldest child was 6. She was an only child back then and we went to WDW to enjoy the park before we had twins! Anyway, pin trading was so fun for her. She got a starter lanyard and 6 pins. By the end of the first day she had traded with every cast member numerous times to get a lanyard full of Princess pins. The next day we bought her more starter pins and she traded with cast members for all the Hunchback of Notre Dame pins. ( this was 15 years ago!!) she had a blast trading and interacting with cast members. Now all our kids trade pins and have a nice collection of memories.

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