1989 Complimentary One Day Passport Ticket

1989 Complimentary One Day Passport Ticket

by Sherri
(Casselberry, Florida)


"Hi, I found these in an envelope the bottom of a box of dishes I purchased at a yard sale, are they still good? I talked to someone at Disney over the phone and he was not exactly sure if they honor them. He said without seeing a pic that because the word complimentary was stamped on them, they would only be valid for that date but these have no dates. I have 8 of them. If they are valid how would that work since, Disney now has more parks than it did in 1989.

Thank you for any help you can suggest :)"

A copy of an old complimentary ticket

Here's the picture you sent

Not sure but..


The old purchased tickets are good and can be exchanged, but complimentary tickets are usually not exchangeable for current tickets.

The fine print on the back makes me think it's for reentry on the day a ticket was used (from what I can see). That doesn't bode well for getting it exchanged for a new ticket.

What I would suggest is that you take it to a Disney ticket window or to the Concierge Desk at one of the Disney hotels and ask. All they can say is no.

If you need tickets for your next trip, I highly recommend the folks over at The Official Ticket Center. They are Disney Authorized Ticket Resellers and have discounted park tickets.

Dad's Official Ticket Center page

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Dad's Bottom Line

Sherri, I'm with the Disney rep. I can't say if they'd honor the tickets. My guess is no, but I don't work for Disney or have any special knowledge of tickets.



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