1997 5 Day Hopper Ticket

1997 5 Day Hopper Ticket

by Lynne
(Vancouver, BC)


"Hi there. We have a five-day World Hopper ticket with one day left on it from the Disney World 25th Year Anniversary, bought it in 1997. Am I still able to use this ticket?

Thanks in advance for your help."

Hi, Lynn. Absolutely. Yes. Disney is very good about honoring old tickets. Actually, even if you've got the old ticket books, Disney will even honor them. Disney will give you face value what it was worth when you bought it, like five bucks, for the old ticket books.

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Actually for these 1997 World Hopper tickets, it's an even better deal. You just go up to a concierge window or a ticket window, and you exchange it for a ticket for the number of days left on your 1997 tickets.

Don't upgrade it, exchange your tickets for a one-day ticket. You'll be able to go in. You'll be able to exchange it for a one-day ticket. There you go. Get right in the park.

Here's why you don't upgrade, because Disney only applies what the amount original ticket cost divided by the number of days, which wouldn't be very much money.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Yes, you can take your old tickets to a ticket booth and exchange them for new ones. It's easy.



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Mar 02, 2017
It worked :)
by: Lynne

Just wanted to let everyone know that Disney did indeed accept my 1997 5 Day Hopper Ticket and gave me a Hopper Pass valid for the unused days I had left on my old ticket. All you need to do is take your ticket to one of their customer service locations(they are located in their hotels and on site at any of the parks) where they will authenticate and then issue you a new ticket.

Thanks Dad!

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