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2 bedroom villas at the Deluxe Villa Resorts


by Thomas

Really enjoy your insight. We are starting to plan a trip for a family of 10 (2 adults and 8 kids). I noticed some of the two bedroom villas at the Deluxe Villa Resorts allow 9 plus one under 3 year old. If the extra one is actually 3 years old will Disney allow you to reserve a two bedroom. I like the idea of the kitchen, etc., but moving up to the Grand Villas is a budget breaker. I’d appreciate any advice.

Dad’s not set up for big families Answer


Wow, that’s a big family.

The quick answer to your question is no, Disney will not allow you to reserve one of the 2 bedroom villas at the Deluxe Villa Resorts if you have more than 9 guests age 3 and up. Disney does count 3 year olds.

Here are a couple of alternatives – First there’s always 2 rooms at the Port Orleans Riverside or any deluxe resort. Believe it or not this will save you a ton of money. Having a kitchen sounds like a good idea, but for the same week, a 2 bedroom villa is over $4,000.00 while 2 rooms at the Port Orleans Riverside is around $2,300.00. That’s a lot of money just to have a kitchen.

The other option which would cost about the same money would be to book 2 cabins at the Ft. Wilderness Campground. You can “request” adjoining cabins and if you your trip is in the off season, you should get your request. That would give you the most space and 2 kitchens.

The final option would be to reserve a 2 bedroom villa at one of the Deluxe Villa Resorts and a studio villa. The won’t be next door, but they would be close.

Disney Hotels just aren’t built for big families. It’s a shame. In fact they are building rooms smaller and with less beds in each new hotel. The newer Deluxe Villas have sleeper sofas and chairs where the older ones have beds.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Even though I love the idea of staying at one of the Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts, I’m not sure it makes much sense moneywise. Just look at how much more it costs $2,300 vs. $4,000+. Yes, you get more room, but, for me, that’s just not worth it.

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