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2 Days in Magic Kingdom – my plan

by Amy
(Crestview, FL, US)

Is My PLAN Realistic?
From Amy,

Dear Dad, (my Disney World Hero!)

You were so helpful with my last question, I thought I’d push my luck and ask one more!

We will spend two days at Magic Kingdom next week on Wed-Thur. Best I can tell, crowd levels should be at 5 (from

Our group is Mom, Dad, Daughter 9, and Son 7. I’m hoping to have a quality over quantity type trip, but still want to get in as many of the things I think will interest the kiddos. I’d be so thankful if you’d look over my plan and let me know if you think it is utterly unrealistic or somewhere in the realm of possibility!

Wednesday – (trying to do as much as possible in the left side of the park and then work towards Fantasyland)
– Peter Pan
– Thunder Mountain
– Pirates of the Carribean
– Jungle Cruise
– Magic Carpets of Alladin
– Swiss Family Tree House
– Get a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle
– (Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook – maybe depending on wait)
– Hall of Presidents
– It’s a Small World
– Mickey’s Philharmagic
– Winnie the Pooh
– Tea Cups

Thursday (magic hours at 8 but we won’t get in till 9)
– Space Mountain
– Under The Sea
– Enchanted Tales with Belle
– Lunch at Be Our Guest
– Dumbo
– Pete’s Silly Sideshow
– Barnstormer
– Speedway
– Buzz Lightyear’s Spin
– Dinner at Cosmic Rays
– Monster’s Inc
– Astro Orbiter
– Carousel of Progress
– People Mover

I definitely want to see the Dream Along With Mickey Show on one of the days – do you have a suggestion?

Also, why are there 3 times for the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Parade and only one time for the Dream Along With Mickey Parade? Is one better than the other? Is there any chance we’d be able to squeeze a parade in that schedule or are we already more than maxed out?

Lastly, suggestions for lunch and dinner on our first day? I’m not as familiar with the restaurant options on that side of the park.

I can’t possibly thank you enough for your input – it alleviates so much stress and uncertainty for an excited, nervous mom!!


The Liberty Belle on the Rivers of America on a beautiful day with Big Thunder Mountain in the background

Hope you have a beautiful day – Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s Planning with a Capital P Answer

Amy, I don’t know if I’ve ever been called a hero before, but it’s nice to hear! If I was a hero in the ranks of Iron Man, Captain America, and all those other guys, I’d be PLAN-MAN, and wear a capital P on my costume! And with a plan like the one you’ve included above, you could be the head of the PLAN-MAN fan club! Great job on researching your trip – let’s see if Dad can help sprinkle a little extra pixie dust on an already great PLAN!

Let’s do this one day at a time – on your first day, whatever you do arrive at the Magic Kingdom before park opening – you’ll get to see the opening ceremony and have the first few hours at the park with the lowest crowd levels of the day. You might even get to accomplish Dad’s Nine By Noon Challenge!

The biggest change I’d make to your plan on this day is to START at Fantasyland and then work to the left half of the park, since Fantasyland really fills up as the day goes on and is fairly quiet in the morning. Once you’re done, head over and get a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad FASTPASS, and start touring Frontierland, Adventureland and Liberty Square (grab a FASTPASS for the Jungle Cruise too!).

You should be able to fit in Dream Along with Mickey on the first day, no problem – and a dole whip is the prefect show time treat! For lunch and dinner on Wednesday, Dad suggests lunch at Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA, and Dinner at either Colombia Harbor House (if you’re tired of hamburgers) or Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn – you can’t beat that mile long toppings bar!

On Thursday, start at Fantasyland again, and plan an early lunch at Be Our Guest because the lines here are long right from opening and get worse throughout the day. When you’re done with Fantasyland, grab a Space Mountain FASTPASS and start touring the rest of Tomorrowland (or better yet, send someone to grab the FASTPASSes while you’re in line at Be Our Guest)!

Dream along with Mickey is a stage show performed daily in front of Cinderella Castle, usually a few times. The Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade is a full blow parade from Frontierland to Main Street USA and usually done only once a day, while Move It Shake It Celebrate It is a brief dance party around the main hub which has dancers a few characters and a few specialized floats, great way to let kids burn off energy.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Amy, your PLAN isn’t maxed out, and it should be totally manageable. But, if the kids are cranky or lines are long – don’t force it! Remember you’re there to ENJOY each other, and if you miss a couple of the items on your list or take some time to stop and smell the roses, that’s just fine.

Comments for

May 05, 2013 maybe some adds
by: Anonymous

You may want to add in Haunted Mansion while over by Hall of Presidents, and also Splash Mountain by Big Thunder Mountain RR, depending on your time. Things you could cut if need be-People Mover and Carousel of Progress to name 2.

Apr 28, 2013 Dole Whip
by: Mrs. Mom

Like your plan to stop and have a Dole Whip!!!!!

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