2 year old turning 3 while in Disney

2 year old turning 3 while in Disney

by Samantha
(Staten Island, NY)


"Hi! My husband and I are taking our daughter to Disney to celebrate her 3rd birthday in December. We arrive on 12/9 and she turns 3 on 12/15. Our TA told us she does not need a ticket since she will still be 2 at time of travel, however I am a nervous wreck because our daughter is extremely tall for her age, like very tall lol. Should I carry around a copy of her birth certificate with us to the parks? "

Your Travel Agent is correct

To quote one of my favorite songs of all times...
"Don't worry, be happy"
Yep, your Travel Agent and Bobby have it right. This is one you don't have to worry about. Some Cast Member might ask, but they will not hassle you if you just tell the truth. They will accept your word, no birth certificate necessary.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Samantha, it's going to be OK. Disney is know for being very customer friendly. They are not going to embarrass you, pull you out of line, or anything like that. If asked just say they turned 3 during the trip and all will be fine.

"Don't worry, be happy. Whooo,ooh, woo, doo, doo, de, do, de do.." or something like that.



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