2013 the year of Limited Time Magic

by The Princess

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Hey Y’all! I can’t believe that the year 2012 is almost over. Next year is my 10 year high school reunion, so I am feeling a bit old. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have lots to celebrate in the year 2013. Over at Disneyland they are celebrating the first full year of Disney California Adventure. Walt Disney World is celebrating the new Fantasyland Expansion opening and many other things.

The Dapper Dan’s make news

The Dapper Dan's Singing on Main Street

Photo by Brett Kiger

The Powers that Be at both of these great parks decided to make . During the 52 weeks of 2013 guests will be surprised by magical experience both big and small. There will always be a surprise in store during 2013 at both parks that will take guests breathe away.

Here a few examples of what guests can expect to be surprised with while visiting Walt Disney World. During the week of Valentine’s Day Walt Disney World will place extra special magic on the love theme. Guests might see Cinderella Castle turn pink and red. Guests will also get a glimpse of the many Princes as they join the Princesses to hand out autographs. It sounds extra magical to me.

In July guests will be able to celebrate Independence Week with extra magic. Every night there will be a special 4th of July Fireworks show that will take the place of Wishes in the Magic Kingdom. Mickey Mouse will be dress in his patriotic costume. There will also be USA theme and inspired merchandise available for purchase.

A really cool week will be “Long Lost Friends Week”. This week will be dedicated to the lesser known Disney Characters. Characters such as Flik for A Bug’s Life, Clarabelle Cow, Remy from Ratatouille, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and many others will be roaming the parks for guests to get pictures with. Guests will even have the chance to go online and vote for their favorites who might turn up in the park.

Guests will have the chance to join Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew during Pirates Week. Walt Disney World will be holding a pirate palooza which will include pirate bands, pirate meet and greets and lots more. Guests will be lining up to ride the new attraction Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney Hollywood Studios and the original Pirates of the Caribben in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.

I remember the days of the boy bands. Yes I was a huge boy band fan. I used to spend hours listening to their music and watching their Christmas specials on the Disney Channel. For one week during the year 2013 the Dapper Dans will be adding a special medley of hits from bands such as One Direction, *NSYNC, my fav, and the Backstreet Boys, my other fav. The Dans are calling their special finale the “Original Boy Band” and can be seen as they perform on Main Street, U.S.A.

Friday the 13th is always a special day for people. It stirs up many different feelings some find it scary and creepy and others take great pride in celebrating it. During 2013, Friday the 13th falls in September. Throughout the week all of the scary villains such as, Magnificent from Sleepy Beauty, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Jafar from Aladdin, and other scary creatures will be in the parks signing autographs and taking pics. Please do not expect them to smile and watch out for tricks they may play on unsuspecting guests. On Friday the 13th these villains will be hosting a dance party in Disney Hollywood Studios during the 13th hour (1 a.m.).

Destinations to Travel


There will be many other themes during the year of Limited Time Magic. So far it sounds like a great year to visit Walt Disney World. Let Dad and His Friends plan your trip and bring back reviews of all the extra magical events that happen.

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