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2016 Disney Parks Parade Taping

by Denise
(Dallas, tx)

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Video Transcript

Howdy. Dad here again with another video, Ask Dad. Today we have a question from Denise in Dallas, Texas. Denise said, “We were planning on attending the Magic Kingdom on Saturday November the 12th. We just found out that the ABC Christmas Parade will be filming that day. Will it effect our day at the park or should I reschedule to Monday, November 14th on Extra Magic Hours Day which should be less crowded?”

Well, Denise, I think you might have some bad information. November 12th was the day last year that they did the filming of the Christmas Parade. Actually, I put together an answer for this about a week ago for you and found out the day after we got everything all ready to go that the new schedule was just published. We didn’t know last week when the filming was going to be, but now we know. It is going to be through that time frame. It’s the 9th through the 13th, but they’re going to do things differently this year.

This year they’re not going to film the parade at the Magic Kingdom. They’re filming the parade at Disneyland, but not in Orlando. Not Disney World. The Disney World parade will not be filmed this year.

You won’t have all that congestion on Main Street. This year, the whole thing is going to be done differently. They’re only going to be doing acts and shows.

They’ll be filming here, there, different places all around the resort. All four parks, hotels, I’m sure they’ll be all over the place. They’re not going to be filming in the Magic Kingdom on one day or they’re pretty much closing the Magic Kingdom, pretty much closing Main Street like they have in the past. That’s not going to happen this year.

Dad’s Bottom Line The bottom line is, it doesn’t really matter when you go. The filming of the Christmas show, the Disney Christmas parade show, should have no effect on your visit this year. Really different from what they’ve done in the past where I can’t tell you for sure exactly what’s going to happen. The information that Disney has put out says they’re not going to film the parade at Disney World this year.

I hope that helps. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t have to reschedule anything. It should all be fine. Have a good trip. I hope everything goes well. Thanks. Bye.


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