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2018 Pro Bowl and Walt Disney World


by Gina Yelencich
(Andersonville, TN)


“After seeing the effects of the 2017 Pro Bowl, do you anticipate any issues with Disney world in 2018 crowd wise? We are DVC members, looking to book a 10 day trip, starting either January 18th, January 25th, or February first to maximize point value and have low crowds. Would you recommend any of these times over the others?”


Light Crowds on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom are the norm in during the Pro Bowl week

Light crowds should be the norm around the Pro Bowl – Photo by Cliff Wang


Gina. The Pro Bowl 2018 and Walt Disney World. The quick answer is no, there are no issues with the Pro Bowl at all.


Yes, kind of oddly enough, the day of the Pro Bowl, the crowds spike just a little bit, in all the parks at Disney World, actually the day of the Pro Bowl, which is the day you wouldn’t expect. You’d expect before or after. But before and after the crowds are really low.


That week is a low time of year, as you know. It’s a great time to go to Disney World. The Pro Bowl really has no impact. I don’t expect it to have any impact in 2018. In fact, as it goes forward, and it becomes routine, in Florida, I would expect it to have less impact than it had this year. The first year is when you would expect the highest impact and reduced impact in future years …


It’s one of those kind of things, people are there for the Pro Bowl. They’re not there to go to Disney World. A few people will come to Walt Disney World, but it really isn’t enough to make any difference in the crowd level. I don’t expect that to be any problems.


As for the weeks you want to look at, the 18th, the 25th, or February first. It really doesn’t matter. There’s really not a lot of difference between any of those weeks. Yeah, the week of the Pro Bowl you might see bigger crowds on Sunday, but it’s just not enough to worry about. Choose the one that fits your schedule the best.


Dad’s January Disney World Crowds page



Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line. Pro Bowl’s not a factor. You can choose any of those dates. No problem.


disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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