2018 Walt Disney World Military Discounts

2018 Walt Disney World Military Discounts

by Walter Hensley


"Hi. Do you know when the 2018 military room discounts and tickets will be posted?"

The Flag Retreat honors a Military Veteran every day

The Flag Retreat at the Magic Kingdom honors a veteran - Photo by Laurie Sapp

Walter, that's a good question. First, thank you for your service. It's just great, especially this week, it's really appropriate, July 4th week, that we have this kind of question. It really does honor us that you served, and we thank you for that service.

The Disney Military Salute and the Disney hotel discounts for military members typically are released around September. Last year it was the end of September, September 28th, 29th, somewhere around there.

That's what I expect to happen again this year. I expect that the Disney Military Salute will be reauthorized at the end of September.


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Dad's Bottom Line

The typical pattern is to release the new year Walt Disney World military discounts in September. You never know with Disney. They don't always follow the patterns, but usually they do. So I really do expect it to happen at the end of September.



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