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2019 Reservations – January or February?

by Brian
(Marysville, PA)

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“Dad, we would like to make a trip to Disney either the last week of January or the first week in February. Is one better than the other? When do prices get released, so we can make a reservation? Is there ever any free dining deals at that time of year?”

The Festival of the Arts will be going on in EPCOT during January and February

You’ll get to see the Festival of the Arts – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Brian, let’s talk about the difference between the last week of January, first week in February. When I look at the last week in January, the first week in February, they’re pretty much the same, first week in February might be just a little less crowds, but basically there’s no real difference between the two weeks, so that’s really, yeah, whichever works better for you is going to be fine.

Dad’s January Disney World Crowds page
Dad’s February Disney World Crowds page

When Can You Book

As to when you can book, you can book a room reservation 499 days in advance. You can’t do that online. You have to call or get in touch with Destinations to Travel or a GOOD Disney travel agent and they can do it for you. So 499 days, which is 18 months.

That’s now. You can book a room today but not a package or tickets. In fact, I would go ahead and book my room. TODAY!

As to the packages, they come out in late July, usually around the last week in July. You can book the packages for the next year. That’s when the … You can book online for hotel rooms too. That comes out usually in late July. Disney might change that, but that’s always been the pattern. Late July.

Free Dining

Now about that free dining thing… No. Free dining isn’t offered in early part of the year, it’s a fall promotion. There will be some kind of discount offered, but it won’t be free dining.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, go ahead and book your room now, before the price increase that could happen any day. You can book a room today, 499 days in advance. Talk to Destinations to Travel, let them help. Free dining’s not an option.


 134  3  1  158  1


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