2020 After Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Launch

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I’ve got two questions about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge that are virtually identical. So here goes…

“Hello Disney World Dad! My question is – we are thinking of booking end of January beginning of February 2020 – after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has opened.

Do you still predict First week in Feb as being a great week to visit then and do you think the first wave of Star Wars fans will be down in better numbers by then!! Ty!!! – thank you and have a good holiday season!


“Fist off, I LOVE your website! As a Disney Fanatic and Father of 3 your hard work and dedication to DW is greatly appreciated. Second… regarding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which we know will open sometime in “fall of 2019″… what do you expect the actual crowd levels to be during the “normal slow times, AKA best times to visit” AFTER it has opened.

We are planning for the first week in February of 2020, which I feel would normally be a great time to go in an attempt to avoid massive crowds but i’m concerned SWGE will change this for the next year or two. Thoughts???

Thank you for your time,


I May Have to Change My Prediction for That Week

The look of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is going to be so cool

The model of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has some really cool details – Photo by Rich Ramos

Byron and Becky,

Wow, what are the odds that two people will ask about the very same week, like 3 days apart. It’s never happened here before. I may have to change my predictions for the first week in February 2020 (which I haven’t made yet).

Basic Patterns Will Stay the Same

Dad's February 2019 Crowd Calendar

The basic crowd pattern will stay the same

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s opening in late 2019 (my guess is November 22nd), will trigger a surge of visitors over a period of time, but the basic crowd patterns will stay the same.

What I mean by that is if say the first week of February has light crowds and the third week of February has heavy crowds that ratio will stay the same.

Now the first week may be moderate crowds (compared to previous years) and the third week will be Wall-to-Wall crowds. Both would go up one level. But the first week would be the best week to go.

The basic crowd patterns will stay the same. The crowds may be a bit (I don’t think we’ll see a huge surge) larger, but all of the sudden the first week of February is not going to be Wall-to-Wall because of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

PS. I do not think that the crowd levels in February 2020 will go up a whole level. I do think they will go up a little, but not a lot.

Hollywood Studios Might be NUTS

That’s not to say that Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) crowd patterns won’t be affected. They undoubtedly will. I think that Hollywood Studios is going to be a very busy park once Galaxy’s Edge opens. VERY BUSY, maybe even NUTS most days.

We saw this with Pandora: The World of AVATAR and Toy Story Land. Animal Kingdom and DHS crowds got bigger when the new lands opened. That will happen with Galaxy’s Edge and I think on a larger scale.

Good News

The good news is the other parks will be less busy at least at first. It happened with both new lands when they opened, all the other parks crowd levels went down noticeably.

While overall crowds will be up a smidge, the crowds in the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and DHS will be about the same as always in February 2020.

First Week in February 2020

I do think the first week in February 2020 will be a good time to visit. Crowds will still be light to moderate. The school calendars will dictate that. Galaxy’s Edge won’t make that big of a difference, a little but not much for that week.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Byron and Becky, Star Wars:Galaxy’s Edge will probably create the biggest crowd surge we’ve seen in years. But by February 2020 historical patterns will settle in and things will be back to “normal”, whatever that is. The first week in February will be back to its normal light to moderate crowds. A very nice week to go.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. At least for today.


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