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2020 is it important where we stay to see Galaxy Edge?


by Lara
(New Zealand)

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“Hi, We are planning on a trip from New Zealand to WDW in July 2020. Our days will be 21 July onwards (as we finish our week cruise on 20 July in Miami). We have to been to WDW in 2016 and with three kids 14,13 and 11 we are keen to mainly focus on the big rides that weren’t there then such as Galaxy Edge, Toy Story, Avatar..etc


I like the sound of staying somewhere budget like Pop Century which you recommend (we would need two connecting rooms). However, I am wondering if we should splurge more money and stay at the Beach Club Hotel in a standard room for five so we can walk to Hollywood Studios for Extra Magic Hours to see Galaxy Edge?


We really only need 5 nights max to tick off what we want to see and go to a waterpark but am conscious of the fact that when the booking window opens at 60 days, that the 5 nights will not be enough to get the most popular FastPasses?


It all sounding very hard and no guarantees that we will even get to see these big ticket rides! Starting to wonder if we would be better to fly from Miami to LA to do Disneyland which sounds a lot less stressful in terms of getting FPs and more guarantee we will see Galaxy Edge?




Thanks heaps, Lara”

Six of One


Hi Lara,


That sounds like a great trip.


First off, let me say that staying at the Beach Club Resort vs. the Pop Century when it comes to getting into Galaxy’s Edge is a “six of one, half a dozen of the other” proposition,


In terms of getting FastPasses for the attractions at Disney World it really doesn’t matter which Disney Resort you stay in. There is no preference shown between the Disney Resorts in making FastPass reservations. As long as you stay in one of the hotels that get the 60 day window for FastPass you are good.


Also, if you stay at the Pop Century, you will have access to Extra Magic Hours so it won’t matter Pop Century vs. Beach Club there either.


Finally, it’s well over a mile walk from the Beach Club to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Maybe closer to two miles. Even if you walk pretty quickly it’s going to take a while to get there. The bus from the Pop Century would probably get you there quicker.


There are alternatives to walking. The Friendship boats will take you from the Beach Club to Hollywood Studios and in a few weeks the Disney Skyliner will open and it will go from EPCOT’s International Gateway (just a short walk from the Beach Club) to Hollywood Studios too. (Not directly, but it will get you there quicker than walking.)


The Skyliner will also go from the Pop Century to Hollywood Studios.


So, Extra Magic Hours, FastPasses, Transportation, it really doesn’t matter which hotel you stay in. Pop Century or Beach Club.


Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Galaxy’s Edge 2020


We are going to have to wait and see, but just going on what’s happening in California, I’d say Galaxy’s Edge is not going to be crazy busy in 2020. Yes, it will be busy, but I don’t foresee 3 to 4 hour lines for the rides.


The crowds have been pretty manageable in California after a month. We’ll have to see what happens with Florida after Galaxy’s Edge opens, but my guess it it will follow the California pattern and lines won’t be awful.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Lara, I will say that you will not be able to ride all the new rides in 5 days with FastPasses. But that’s OK. You don’t need FastPasses for every ride. Get what FastPasses you can and ride the other rides first thing in the mornings (Extra Magic Hours will really help).


Five days should be plenty of time to see all the new areas no matter which Disney hotel you stay at.


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