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3 day touring plan for the Magic Kingdom

by tobin

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“I am visiting the Magic Kingdom for three days, during the first week of January. Staying at Disney Resort with my six-year-old daughter, my wife and my three-year-old son. We have 9:00 A.M. reservations at Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boutique, one morning and Be Our Guest another morning.

Other than that, we are open to anything a young family can do with three days. We start booking our fast passes next week, as it is 60 days out. I’m looking for advice for touring plans to help with booking times for the fast passes.”

Maleficent fighting a knight in the Festival of Fantasy parade

Be sure to catch the Festival of Fantasy parade – Photo by Brett Svenson

Well Tobin, if I could talk to you live, I would be able to help you. It’s one of those, I don’t quite have all the information I need to help you with booking those FastPasses. Don’t know you. I’d have to get to know you a little bit, get to know your family.

My suggestion would be that you go and get, you talked about a touring plan, go to Go to and subscribe. You can do that from our page, our Dad’s Guide page.

Dad’s TouringPlans page

Go to the TouringPlans page. You will need to subscribe and then you’ll have access to their 140 plans. One of them will work for you.

You can even personalize your plan. You use TouringPlans as a base to choose your times. They’ll tell you which attractions to FastPass and for what time to optimize your plan, to make it to where you get to the right places, at the right time, with the least standing in line.

I use TouringPlans. I make up my plans based off of touring plans. I use it all the time. I’ve used it for years. I’m a very big proponent of TouringPlans. One of the few Disney things that we actually promote is TouringPlans. I’d also suggest you go ahead and grab my book. There’s a lot of things about doing it your way in my book. You can get that over at

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning

Click here to get Dad’s Book

Grab my book and read through how to design a plan for your day. I think those two things can help you figure out which fast passes you want to get for your trip.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Anyway, the bottom line is, if we had an hour to talk live, face-to-face, I could help you design your plan but, in lieu of that, go to TouringPlans. They’ve got everything you need. Check out my book and I think you’ll be fine.


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