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3rd Birthday at Walt Disney World


by Cheryl
(Lexington KY)

We are looking into booking a vacation and my son will have his 3rd birthday at Walt Disney World. Do I need to purchase him a ticked for the whole week or just the days that he turned 3. Or wait till he turns 3 and then by him tickets at the park?

Dad’s honest to the core Answer


You must be the most honest person on earth. My first instinct was to say about your son celebrating his 3rd birthday at Disney World was that Uncle Walt’s minions would never know if you didn’t tell them. But …

Being the second most honest person on the planet, I went ahead and called Disney Travel Company to get “the most correct” answer to easy your mind. (Ain’t Dad somethin’?)

Here’s what Disney said the age is dependent on what was booked, so if, when you booked the reservation, you said your son was 2 then he is considered 2 for the whole trip. (That’s because you can’t change dining plans for only one person in a party during a stay.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Now that we’ve been honest, you can enjoy your trip.

Comments for 3rd Birthday at Walt Disney World

Nov 12, 2010 Thankyou 

by: Cheryl

Dad ,

Your so awesome ! We also emailed you our trip plans for you to give us some tips cause we are total disney newbies.

Thanks again

Cheryl Nichols

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