50’s Prime Time Cafe

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe is one of Disney Hollywood Studios unique restaurants. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some of the most eclectic restaurants in all of Disney World. The decor of this restaurant make this more than just a routine meal.

Sign in front of 50's Prime Time Cafe
Enjoy the homey and retro feel of 50’s Prime Time Café!
Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

At this restaurant, the Cast Members are part of the atmosphere. The cute idea of the Cafe is to eat in a family kitchen from the 1950’s. Linoleum is the fabric of the day. TV’s are in Black and White and Mom serves you a dinner with items like meat loaf and fried chicken. (You have to eat your vegetables before dessert. Really.)

What to Expect

The experience here is pretty interactive – the server may ask you to take your elbows off the table or scold you for not finishing your peas. If you’re not interested in that, let the host or hostess know at check in so they can alert your server that you’d like a more calm meal.


The Cafe is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Echo Lake area. It’s on the side of the lake closer to the park entrance, right next to Hollywood & Vine (in fact, the two restaurants share a bathroom).

Lunch and Dinner

The menu at 50’s Prime Time Cafe is super nostalgic. Think pork chops, pot roast, meatloaf, fried chicken, and the like. It’s pretty heavy, stick-to-your-ribs fare.

See the most up-to-date menu from Disney here.

Advanced Dining Reservations

You need an ADR if you want to dine at 50’s Prime Time Cafe. So if this is a must-do for your family, get an Advanced Dining reservation – you can make them at 180 days out for lunch or dinner.

Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page

The Disney Dining Plan

Lunch and Dinner are counted as Table Service credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

Fun Facts

Here are a couple of fun facts about 50’s Prime Time Cafe –

  • All the TV’s have the “Disney” brand on them.
  • Your waitress will be “Mom” while all the other servers will be “cousins” or “uncles”. Sounds a bit like ‘Ohana.

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