$75 Gift Card Incentive at WDW

$75 Gift Card Incentive at WDW


"I keep reading about resorts at WDW ... Uh, Walt Disney World giving guests $75 gift cards per night each night of their stay. Which resorts are doing this?


The $75 Dollar incentive was only offered at the Caribbean Beach Resort

The entrance to the Caribbean Beach Resort - Photo by Mike Billick

Well, Dave, sorry, but that program ended. That was a program for the Caribbean Beach Resort only. It's because of all the construction. They had to close the food court at the Caribbean Beach Resort. There are not really a lot of food options available. The only thing they're doing is a buffet breakfast, and there are some grab and go items at places around the resort. So that was for guests that were staying during the worst of the construction.

The $75 incentive offer ended back in March.They're not doing that anymore. So that was a one time thing for only the Caribbean Beach Resort, and it's not available at this time.

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May 30, 2017
Keep Your Eyes Open!
by: Catherine

Hi Dad,
You are right that this offer is no longer available... Please advise your readers to keep their eyes open in case it's offered again. It is a GREAT incentive. I booked 2 rooms when it became available under 2 SEPARATE Reservations. This allows me to get $75 per night per room. The other OUTSTANDING part of this offer is it is STACKABLE with other offers including the Free Dining Promotion. I will be using the Free Dining Promotion WITH the $75 per night per room for my stay in December! I am VERY excited about the savings!

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