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9 day trip to Walt Disney World


by Marcus
(Edmonton, Canada)


Hi there Dad,


Love your site. Very informative and I bookmarked it 🙂 I am planning a 8 night, “technically” with my girlfriend to celebrate her university graduation. The trip will take place at the end of September of 2011 and we are staying in a Savannah view in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.


I say technically 9 days because we will most likely arrive around 3-4pm Orlando time for our first day, and check out probably before 2pm on our last day. So really, we have 8 days to plan activities.


How would you advise on spending our time? We are first time visitors to Disney World but have both been to Disneyland in California.


Is 2 days the minimum for both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT? We are also adding the water parks option, any suggestions on how to plan those days where the water parks open at 1000 and close at 1700?


To end, would you say the length of our stay is too short or just right?


Thank you for your time and your dedication to your site 🙂

A 9 day trip to Disney World would be like sitting on the Savannah watching the sun go down

A 9 day trip to Disney World – Almost Heaven Photo by Bob Owen


Dad’s just about right Answer




An 8/ is just about the perfect length. It’s also a big luxury. The longest we’ve ever stayed is 7 nights and even then there was a lot of things we didn’t get to see.


September is a wonderful time to visit. The weather, barring any hurricanes, will be cooling. Crowds will be thin. You should be able to see everything you want to see during your stay.

Dad’s September Disney World crowds page


I would plan 2 days in the Magic Kingdom and 2 days in EPCOT. 1 day at each of the other parks, including the water parks will be sufficient. I wouldn’t worry too much about the water parks opening at 10 and closing at 5. That’s enough time when the crowds are small to see everything.

Dad’s Disney World Parks page


I’m not sure I’d add the park hopper option unless you plan to eat dinner in EPCOT more than 2 times. You waste a lot of time changing parks. But it is more economical on longer stays. I know, it sounds good in theory, we’ll just run over to the Magic Kingdom and ride Buzz Lightyear, but in practice, it’s not that easy.


I would recommend you getting a membership at They have information about what parks will be busy on each day of your trip. They also have a lot of information about show times and park hours.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Marcus, a 9 day trip to Disney World sounds like a dream to me. You’ll have time to slow down and enjoy everything. Make sure to take time to watch the great side shows, like Jammitors or the talking trash can. Those little things add a lot to the whole experience and get missed by a lot of us who are rushing to the next ride determined to get our whole PLAN completed.


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disney world parks


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